learn from others

  1. bisdakSEO

    SEO Geek in the house!

    Hello :) I hope I can learn from everyone here. I just started learning SEO and bought my own domain. I only know the basics but I hope I can learn varying tactics. STRATEGIES are my meals :) Hope to exchange ideas with everyone here! bisdakSEO
  2. B

    Whats good BHW*??*...Ms.Bjsgotit from Cali..

    :gift:Hey BHW!!Hoping all is well with everyone. I'm Bjsgotit. I'm hoping to shake a few hands meet a few friends. Maybe converse ,learn and share a little knowledge. I'm open and willing to learn new wayz of survival in this day and age. Until later TTfn...
  3. K

    Crush it with Cold Calling: skype group

    What's up, I've recently ventured into cold calling, I'm nearly two weeks, ~250 dials, 65 contacts in, 0 closes. I was calling in the dark the first majority, began learning from Steli, ari galper, Jordan Belfort, Lehman bros and more alike. Began re-forming my entire approach. 15 calls...
  4. F

    Hi funkydave here

    Hey every body how you all doin:) Hope to hear from a lot of you and i hope to learn lots too Thanks for having me here
  5. A

    Hello,every one

    Know blackhatword long time ago,This is the first post .
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