1. Elvlin

    When Genius show off their math skill

    genius right?? he just have solution for everyone to get rich LOL:D
  2. KJREDDY247@

    When Life Gives You Bugs Make it Feature!

  3. jongmr

    don’t you dare to add to my reaction scores

    I am sure, you know what I am talking about, so do not play with me.
  4. Josh Saga

    How often do you engage in pleasure?

    Well? What is it? And why that? And if it's not steamy spicy, why the hell not? Also, as the honorary lounge bum, I hereby announce: IT'S THE WEEKEND xoxo
  5. Josh Saga

    Write Like You're Running Out of Time

    Its lyrics from a song from Hamilton the Musical This guy inspired me a lot when I was 19 - because he was 19 as well when he tried to make a name for himself back then. I was 19 when I became known in the photography industry in my country, and damn I even landed 4 Billboard Shoots at 19...
  6. TomTheCat

    Is this what happens when you try to get the first place in Google?

  7. SeedPhrase

    Halloween Haunted Zoom call

    I just came thru this site, joined the video call and found myself wetted :D ( it was fun...
  8. back2form

    [Watch] if you have 2 mins for Laugh

  9. A

    You are going to laugh until you die !

    This video made my day today, I laugh and I laugh and I laugh... (Change x w/ the right letter, because i can't post any URLs now) The video isn't mine, I just found it, reply if you finish watching.
  10. IbStar

    Why Computers are like men!

    10. They have a lot of data but are still clueless. 9. A better model is always just around the corner. 8. They look nice and shiny until you bring them home. 7. It is always necessary to have a backup. 6. They?ll do whatever you say if you push the right buttons. 5. The best part of having...
  11. L

    If you're having a bad day / week - hopefully this will bring you some laughter

    Do you remember doing something like this with your siblings or friends when you were kids? This video makes me laugh every time even though it's kinda gross...Warning - there is some vomiting.
  12. I

    LOL Extremely Funny Japanese videos

    I don't know if its shared before. But check out these videos lol.
  13. L


    Well I thought it about time that I said Hey! This is so addictive, If I had a dollar for each time I downloaded stuff and read it I would not need to work....or is that why I am here ? Xrumer BMD SEONuke you gotta love em! Thankyou all, a great bunch of characters here. You do make me...
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