1. ALdelta1

    Domains in other Languages

    I'm hunting for domains in other languages than English via DomCop and Is there a way to filter the search for other languages or must I use particular sites with their own languages? Any suggestions for multi-language domain-drop sites?
  2. CMG

    [Spanish or Catalan speaking people] What's the best way to learn your language?

    Sorry for the really long title, but as the title suggests, what's the best way to learn your language? I would love to have a somewhat decent grasp of the language in a relatively short amount of time (No goal set, really) I can't afford to hire a teacher, and honestly, I don't know how...
  3. Alex Ma

    Differences for non-US-Google? Google country division

    What effect does Google's divisions into countries (such as Google Sweden) have on an SEO strategy? SEO Strategy: - Grab competitor backlinks (but not the crazy Blackhat ones, those who are obvious non-topic-related) - PBN (15 scraped domains) - EDU backlinks - Forum posts - Forum comments...
  4. M

    Twitch Account Creator Coding Languages

    Hey everyone, Recently purchased hf. Dyslexic's bot but after a few days it's stopped working. I'd still definitely use it if it worked but at the moment I can't get it going. Anyway, I was wondering what coding languages I'd need to be able to create a multi-threader that creates twitch...