landing pages example

  1. gentishady

    [Q] What landing pages convert the best for Clickbank ? ( insert examples )

    Helloo BHW fam ✌️ ! What's up guys ? Happy Friday how the week went for you? I've researched some landing pages in my niche that I'm going in but idk what to choose. I know that I need to test different kinds but there are some that already convert well that some of you that make sales daily...
  2. jul3s

    [Method] Get high CTR with this type of landing pages for CPA and Affiliate offers

    Instead of wasting time and money to create a new landing page for every offer I want to test, I push traffic to the landing with AI bot where I get a chance to ‘talk to them’, get names, emails, make them share, educate them about the offer, etc. This way I get higher CTR to the landings as...
  3. Heiko

    How to Make Great Landing Pages

    How to Make Great Landing Pages (With Crazy High Conversions) SOURCE : What are landing pages? A landing page is the page a visitor arrives at on your website after clicking an ad (for example, a Google text ad or display ad)...