1. xerx

    Making Money With Crypto Pump and Dump/Signal groups.

    Does anyone have experience with this? The idea is good but immoral, I would say. Also, you can lose everything if you become too greedy. It is not illegal on unregulated exchanges, but it is illegal on regulated exchanges such as Binance but not on Kucoin. What do you think and have you made...
  2. teamgoatnft

    Kucoin KYC verification keeps failing....

    Hey BHW! I'm trying to get KYC approval on Kucoin (KC) but they keep rejecting it. I've sent them my passport, my Singaporean ID, my driving license and a selfie with my name, the date (in the correct format) and the Dynamic Code. I think the problem stems from the fact that I live in...
  3. sixtwofour

    UTK is joining HitBTC next week

    UTK is joining HitBTC next week, now might be a good time to buy and see a decent profit.
  4. D

    Passive income from holding the Kucoin/KCS token explained

    Hi people, WARNING: Long read - worth it if you are interested in Cryptocurrencies. Sentimental me I was once a part of this community on a daily basis, trying to get myself going again after a massively failed business adventure. I started with instagram, massplanner and OGads and made a few...
  5. TeslaFan

    Bounty0x (BNTY) just got listed on Kucoin exchange.

    Just wanted to let everyone know they listed BountyOx on Kucoin and I got some! Any idea how the project might do in the short and long term?