1. sixtwofour

    UTK is joining HitBTC next week

    UTK is joining HitBTC next week, now might be a good time to buy and see a decent profit.
  2. D

    Passive income from holding the Kucoin/KCS token explained

    Hi people, WARNING: Long read - worth it if you are interested in Cryptocurrencies. Sentimental me I was once a part of this community on a daily basis, trying to get myself going again after a massively failed business adventure. I started with instagram, massplanner and OGads and made a few...
  3. TeslaFan

    Bounty0x (BNTY) just got listed on Kucoin exchange.

    Just wanted to let everyone know they listed BountyOx on Kucoin and I got some! Any idea how the project might do in the short and long term?