1. RanQ Higher

    Love at First Sight!❤️ Kill at First Betrayal!!. ☠️

    Actually, these both have extremely different ends with their own... some times it may experience both the love and betrayal together... I hope you guys can catch the point that I'm trying to say... ;) But the truth is; every one of us being crossed or experienced in these 2 situations in our...
  2. S

    Is it true that you can register deleted usernames after 14 days now? what does this mean? i want to register an account that says "Sorry, this page isn't available." The stupid autistic fuckers on instagram apparently make an username that was previously registered unable to be registered ever again...
  3. A

    Why nothing work for me why ? I want to die

    Good morning friends I was working hard and hard Trying much type of work Adsense Cpa Dropshiping Ebook selling Trading All But Every time i lost my money I want to die Why Evert time when i win something i lost it quickly Why ? Do i'm not a humaine. ? Why ?/ I open admob account...
  4. B

    I'd Kill...

  5. ronijs

    I will kill you !!!!!!

    I know, you are somewhere here! How the hell you can drop these codes in my godaddy hosting account, in almost all php and html files, in wp blogs and other scripts?? I scanned my PC for viruses. I changed host/ftp all passwords and logins, but you drop these codes again and again! I have...
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