1. Aureus

    ✅✅✅ Z-Pages - Easy Сreation of Updatable Classifieds Websites! Only Real Ads! Get Links and Traffic, Create an Indexing Service or Sell Links! ✈️✈️✈️

    Z-Pages is a template for Zenno Poster and Zenno Box designed to create classifieds websites on your domains or subdomains. Classifieds are fully updated, any subject and size. How does template work? The template downloads content from Then it processes the ads content: images...
  2. X

    Proxies for

    Hey guys, I want to sign up for a kijiji account and post ads but since I'm not from Canada it's not working. Can anyone tell me what type of proxy is needed and where it is cheapest to get that from? Thanks!
  3. H

    Bypassing Kijiji Bans - Posting From Multiple Accounts

    Hello, I’m sorry if this was posted in the wrong area! Does anyone know how to bypass Kijiji bans? I am wanting to create multiple Kijiji profiles and post 2 free services ads for different cities, but Kijiji keeps deleting my ads. I should note that I am not spamming cities. I am only...
  4. N

    looking for kijiji ad poster to post ads daily

    looking for kijiji ads poster on daily bases 5-15 ads daily in electronics and services section for selling local telephone/internet services where to find the freelancers to do such a job? upwork does not allow to post Kijiji ad poster jobs apparently against their policy.
  5. B

    Blocked from Kijiji?

    I was selling ebooks and other digital items on Kijiji and they kept getting removed! Now when I post it says unable to post! I made a new account and used a VPN and still got the same message! How do I bypass Kijiji ban
  6. Th3 Canadian 3h

    Kijiji dominator anyone use it?

    I know there are a lot of bots out there that don't work and Kijiji is very picky when it comes to posting. Kijiji dominator offers a service for 30 a month and I was wondering if anyone has tried them out? Are they worth it? Same company does Face dominator for Facebook. Thanks guys
  7. I

    Kijiji/Indeed Auto Poster

    Hey Guys. Looked around at a number of Kijiji auto posters, and many seem outdated/have really bad reviews. I'm looking to post 10 ads on both Kijiji and Indeed across ten cities. Anyone have anything to do this? Is there a better way than creating multiple emails and using a VPN/posting by hand?
  8. F

    Best way to improve reach of kijiji/craigslist posts?

    I've recently gotten a job from a demolition company where I sell everything sellable taken from the demolition site. This includes windows, doors, patio stones, and some technical equipment. Everything is put up for sale on kijiji. I'd like to make it so that the posts reach as wide an audience...
  9. valser29

    Kijiji Reposter

    Hello there, I was looking for a kijiji reposter bot here, but haven't found anything. After some time I stumbled upon this great chrome extension for kijiji. It is free, and it makes reposting kijiji ad a 5 second process. I guess you can repost up to 25 times per day. Create multiple...
  10. M

    Kijiji sending reply software with software manager

    Hi, we need someone with a software to send reply to specifics category the same message automatically. Please contact us with your skyp for payment details.
  11. M

    Kijiji posting for long term *** really well paid **

    We are looking for someone with lot of experience and skills to post daily 35-50 ads a day on kijiji. We've been doing that for years now and we are not looking for someone to try but someone knowing the secret as us. The person will get at least 100$ per week for a year if he can show us a...
  12. N

    Need help to post Kijiji ads in QC, several ads a week for several months

    need someone who can place ads on kijiji. similar ads (few variation) for 3 - 4 differents towns but same phone number. can give different text and pics for each ads. 4 ads per week total. to replace every week. (1 city is twice a week). must give me link to ads, must stay up (not deleted by...
  13. N

    Kijiji ad placecement or software certified to work

  14. N

    KIJIJI posting HELP needed.

    I joined this community thinking Id get help on fixing my problem...but no one so far in almost 6 months. Im trying again in case a good soul can help me. Kijiji deletes all my ads. In spring by reading this site I realized I should get an ip blocker (got tunnelbear as it was free) then use...
  15. A

    i need classified ad scraper for backpage and kijiji

    Experienced email marketer here that needs a classified site scraper. I already have 10 different scrapers but none of them are effective for craigslist, backpage, or kijiji. Reply or pm me with your lowest price and time frame.
  16. N

    Need to Automate Ad Posting

    Hey team! I have a legit business which pays ppl for surveys/focus groups/etc. My primary source of respondents are from popular classified sites in the US and Canada. So far I've been unable to hire a competent freelancer but it's still an option. Possible solutions: 1) Hire an outsourcer to...
  17. K

    Got My First Client!

    Hey there everyone, I just wanted to post here so I can thank all of you who have helped me with starting up my own offline business! For other newbies out there, all I did to land this client was reply to nearly a dozen Kijiji / Craigslist ads looking for Web Design / SEO. I landed this...
  18. H

    So Kijiji and Craigslist been on my mind

    So I am sure most of you know of Kijiji and Craigslist, and what it takes to sell on those sites, but I been kind of wondering if page views matter on those sites in relation to selling a service or an item or not in addition if lets say one uses browser shots to push up page views to sway a...
  19. D

    I need a Kijiji and CL email harvester

    I need a Kijiji and CL email harvester. I need a emails from a certain city. Please pm me if anyone could do it. Thanks
  20. J

    Kijiji poster needed. 5 ads per day.

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can post 5 ads per day in the personals section of kijiji. I am open to discussion about payment, let me know how much you would want for this. I would also want to increase the ads per day in the near future to about 10 per day or so. Pm me if you can provide...
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