kijiji ads

  1. X

    Proxies for

    Hey guys, I want to sign up for a kijiji account and post ads but since I'm not from Canada it's not working. Can anyone tell me what type of proxy is needed and where it is cheapest to get that from? Thanks!
  2. H

    Bypassing Kijiji Bans - Posting From Multiple Accounts

    Hello, I’m sorry if this was posted in the wrong area! Does anyone know how to bypass Kijiji bans? I am wanting to create multiple Kijiji profiles and post 2 free services ads for different cities, but Kijiji keeps deleting my ads. I should note that I am not spamming cities. I am only...
  3. WebHack

    Story of Scam Happened to me :/

    Hi guys, Yes, I got scammed for $2000 CAD. I came to Canada for my masters degree and here I rented an appartment to say. The apartment rent was $1000 / month so I decided to rent one room to someone. and this is where the things went wrong. I put the ad for the rent on kijiji website its a...
  4. Th3 Canadian 3h

    Kijiji dominator anyone use it?

    I know there are a lot of bots out there that don't work and Kijiji is very picky when it comes to posting. Kijiji dominator offers a service for 30 a month and I was wondering if anyone has tried them out? Are they worth it? Same company does Face dominator for Facebook. Thanks guys
  5. O

    Bypass Gumtree admin review & make adverts go live instantly

    Does anyone know how, with a newly created gumtree account, one is able to bypass admin review thus making adverts go live instantly?
  6. X

    Require Kijiji and other Classifieds Poster - Potential Ongoing

    Hey Guys, I need someone to help get my job listings back up on Kijiji in addition to posting to other classifieds. There is potential for ongoing work if your skills and price match up. The most important aspect of this job is being able to post my ads on Kijiji which I used to truly skim...
  7. nirmar

    kijiji Poster

    I am looking for Kijiji Poster for Services, Financial section, 25 ads / day. Post here or PM me with your rates.
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