keyword tracker tool

  1. eaglehunter

    Basic keyword checker question

    I have just bought a new ecommerce store. I want to know what the domain name ranks for on google I want to know what keywords are ranked... I swear I have used a website before where I inputted my domain name and it gave me the keywords I rank for and their positions.. I have been searching...
  2. Sheepp

    Anyone using Cyfe Keyword tracker ?

    Hey there! I just found Cyfe (, which is an all-in-one dashboard for online activities. What I found interesting is that it has a "Keyword tracker" widget that tracks the position of a keyword over time, with a pricing of only 19$/month for the premium version. Anyone...
  3. Gogol

    [GET] Google SERP Position checker Script written in PHP.

    I made this api script for my own usage actually. Sharing this here so that other members can be benefited too. Hope it helps :) Fork/Contribute/Download at: Usage: VT (in case...