keyword tool

  1. M

    Free Keyword Tool

    Any idea about a free and good Keyword suggestion tool? A tool that I can feed seed keyword into it and it brings me all other related keywords. Don't care about keyword volume, nor difficulty. I tried this And this But they...
  2. adityaradea

    5 Powerfull SEO Tools from AHREFS you might not know about and its totally Free

    Ahrefs is the most powerful and also most expensive SEO tools especially since they remove 7 days trial subscription. Here is 5 Ahrefs free SEO tools you might not know that will help you with various SEO tasks, such as keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and more. Here is the...
  3. Rollfic

    Keywords Everywhere - Good?

    Was researching on KW tools, I feel like Keywords Everywhere shows more accurate search volume and competition on YT, Google compared to Ahrefs and SEMRush. What is your experience with Keywords Everywhere?
  4. Rollfic

    KeywordTool. io ??

    Anyone used KeywordTool. io? Does it show accurate search volumes on YouTube and Google? Confused between Keywords Everywhere (paid) and . Which one shows correct search volume for YT and Google?
  5. williamsharris143

    Is really good?

    I don't have much experience of using this tool but it looks pretty good to me. How good this tools really is and is there a better option than this?
  6. 0verflow

    ✅ Brand Overflow ✅ All-in-one SEO Suite ⭐ Replace all your SEO Tools ⭐

    Platform Features: Agency-Ready White-Label Reports Shareable Reports via Public link Fresh Data on every query 100k+ locations for Tracking Shareable report DEMO: Refund Policy: 14 days. If possible, do give us a chance...
  7. Linu

    Need suggestion about keyword tool.

    Which keyword tool is best and why? Also want to know I think Ahref And SEMrush is a bit costly I can't afford it. Any alternate tool I can use for lesser price.
  8. SeedPhrase

    Unlimited Keyword Research Tool [100% Free and Accurate as G00gle Keyword planner]

    Recently I had created a thread regarding the Unlimited keyword research tool, this is part - 2 :D here is another cool Keyword Research tool, and it's 100% free and you can do unlimited searches. tool link - Result (comparison b/n google...
  9. Rollfic

    KWFinder is just inaccurate or?

    I tested 2-3 keywords on Google KW planner vs Ubersuggest vs KWFinder. One of the keyword stat: KW planner: 74,000 Ubersuggest: 74,000 KWFinder: 660 Pretty confusing to decide.
  10. SeedPhrase

    How to build a keyword tool using Google Keyword planner API???

    title says all how to create a keyword tool using Google Keyword planner API??? has anyone here the owner of keyword tools??
  11. M

    Tips on Free Keyword Tool?

    Greetings to everyone here on BHW. I'm a newbie at IM and I am actually looking for different ways on how I can start with my blog. I already have hosting, domain, and my site already contains an SSL Certificate – so all it neeeeeeeeeeeeds is content. I am a freelance writer by profession...
  12. SmartPlay

    ✅>>> Scrapyl - SEO TOOL for Keyword Research, Suggestions Tool and Comment Poster <<<✅

    ✅>>> Scrapyl - SEO TOOL for Keyword Research, Suggestions Tool and Comment Poster <<<✅ What are the main features of Scrapyl. Finding quality long tail keywords as well as suggestions for new keywords related to the main focus keyword is one of the major feature available in Scrapyl...
  13. johnson.p

    Keyword Tools

    I am trying with Google keyword planner, but I am not able to track exact traffic and location (Globally) any other suggestions?
  14. nifras

    is there ubersuggest keyword difficulty measurement and volume is correct ?

    hello everyone, anyone can confirm ubersuggest keyword difficulty is correct? i find the keyword with different KW difficulty and volume in other sources rather than ubersuggest .. for example this one keyword in ubersuggest Diff 21 volume 180k in other source semrush diff 0 volume 50 and...
  15. fxmanaged

    Any Free Tools to Track a Website's Keyword Rankings?

    We've used in the past to track keyword rankings for different websites and tried the free Ubersuggest yesterday, which lets you track 25 keywords per website, which is OK. Ubersuggest also provides website traffic analysis, but it's very inaccurate. Any other free tools out there...
  16. mohitfarswan

    what is the best paid tool for keyword research

    can anyone tell me what is the best paid tool for keyword research? I have been looking for tool that will provide exact monthly traffic for the specific keyword and also show the CPC of that.
  17. Guts

    Best Youtube keywords tool?

    Ahrefs does not works for youtube right? So alternative keyword finder? Not keyworldtool. io Something like semrush or ahrefs
  18. kaviraj008

    Keyword Revealer - LifeTime Deal (Ending Soon)

    Keyword Revealer is offering Lifetime Deal for short time. The offer ends in 1 hour 35 minutes. The Price List is below. Link: Mods: In case I posted wrong section, kindly move to appropriate section.
  19. PianoMan

    Keyword Research Tools [LIST]

    Hello to all! Here's a list I made with the best free/paid keyword research tools: FREE Answer the Public Google Keyword Planner Google Search Console Google Trends Free Keyword Idea Generator keyworddit Keyword Shitter Ubersuggest Reddit ngram SEOMonitor SEO Powersuite SERP...
  20. sanj108

    JV | My SEO software (SaaS) and your lead - Residual Income Opportunity

    I've launched a web based Keyword Analysis/SEO tool where members pay for monthly uses. Now looking for a reliable partner who can bring in paid registration/members. We will split profit into 50/50 for as long as the members you bring in stay active. The tool has just been launched and no...
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