keyword reserach

  1. AlbinKurti

    [Method] Keyword Research for FREE in 2022 ✔️✔️✔️

    Today, I'm going to show you how I do Keyword Research for free. Tools we are going to use: Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator : Keyword Engineer ( Free tool to find keywords shared on BHW ) ...
  2. kurosaki4d

    Question about keyword reserach method?

    Hello guys, One of the ways that I test new keywords that I can potentially rank for is by publishing test articles of "1000 words" (well written), and if they rank near page 1, then I update it by writing a much longer/better content version of it. So, realizing that adding quite a few 1000...
  3. C

    csv file from keyword service

    I engaged a keyword research service from fiver, and obtained a csv file (attached). It contains rows of title and url. Am I scammed from this service? What can I do with this csv file? Just want to get feedback from BHW before I give this guy a bad rating. Thanks.