keyword research guide

  1. Rufai

    [Method] How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Niche

    Following my keyword research report giveaway, I got asked about the process I use to find the best keywords. So I thought it will be best to share it with the forum. I use SEMRush but you can use any other keyword research tools such as AHRefs, KWfinder, etc. Sidenote: If you don’t have...
  2. Starblazer

    ⚡⚡[Method] ✅Find extremely low-competition keywords for free

    I have a beginner-friendly keyword research method for low-authority websites. You can also get some high-volume keywords of competitor websites if you have moderate-authority website. I'll walk you through my step-by-step method for finding extremely low-competition keywords within just a few...
  3. thetrustedzone

    [FREE Course and Tool Inside] Easy to Rank keywords Easily Monetizable $$$

    Stop, wasting your time, money, and power with the wrong keywords, and give me only 2 minutes from your time. I'm offering ready keywords with full details for you, these details include SEO competition, monetization potential, keyword niche, ..etc. any keyword package will be details ready...
  4. Hamza SEO Anchor

    Giveaway Keyword Da<25 Ranking In Your Niche

    I will giveaway one keyword to first 10 persons in your niche in which a less competitive competitor have been ranking. It could be less than Da 20 or 25 and the keyword must getting traffic. There are a lot of big keywords in your niche on which top 10 sites have Domain Authority more than 70...
  5. new_don

    Micro Niche Site in Tech Niche

    Hi, I have a new domain and wanted to start a micro niche website in tech niche but did not find a good micro niche may be because i am new in keyword research. Yes i am not a pro in keyword research and SEO and also have very low experience in these. How can i find low competition keywords...
  6. fullyniche

    Keyword Research is the Secret Ingredient to Success!

    Keyword research is a big process that requires analytical tools and a professional to identify the right pitch of keywords. Not only identifying, professionals’ service leverage the brand’s promotional value, drive more traffic and website visibility & long-term online presence. No one really...
  7. thetrustedzone

    [Tip] Automated Keyword Research in 30 Seconds

    Download the tool from here VT here