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  1. A

    ▶️Selling Google News Approved Domains ▶️Expired Domains▶️GET Faster Indexing

    I am selling Google News Approved Domains (New Edition). Google News approved domains are valuable because they are more likely to get faster indexing and get traffic due to Google algorithm. I research and buy expired domains and get them approved on google news. So, yes, expired domains will...
  2. dogukan

    [GET] Keyword Domain Tool

    Hi, If you need a domain from google trends keywords, this tool for you :) This tool have Generate from keyword, Generate from expression Available Domains Filter Top Available Domains 3,4,5 Char Available Domains Write your keyword (ex:game) and select language. And wait for generating...
  3. codeman1234

    Keyword on domain, does it help at all on SEO?

    Hello, If I buy a domain like this one for example >> and I am interested on the keywords "yellow" or "taxi" or "yellow taxi" does this domain help me at all with SEO purpuses with this competitive keywords at all? Because say, that having keyword on domain is very...
  4. M

    Domains with exact keywords match

    Hi there, I've been reading your great posts on BHW and am in the process of building a huge portfolio of domain names in Spanish. I have been researching domains with 2 keywords combination for high monthly searches and I've found out about 20 available domains with exact keyword (kw1+kw2)...
  5. G

    I bought a Keyword Domain Name, now what!?

    Hey everyone, OK, so I've been internet marketing for about a year now and have finally learned how to do keyword research well and backlinking via linkvana. I read somewhere that it's a very good idea to use a really good keyword for your domain name. So, I happened to find a golden nugget...
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