1. pavelsolovyov9

    eBay Windows 10 sale 3$ origin?

    Hi, I have been selling software on ebay for a long time but never sold Microsoft sw, does anyone know where the product keys that many sellers sell on ebay come from? what is the origin? I think there are 2 possibilities but none of the 2 mi convience 100% maybe these sellers generate keys...
  2. P

    Make key generator

    Hi, I have the following project. I have a uefi file which contains a keygenerator. I'm looking for someone who can make reverse engineer the code and make me a generator. It's a simple algorithm with no encryption. The keygenerator can be really simple. Can be in C++ or python. Give me your price
  3. M

    Need crack or keygen for a POS software.

    Hi, everyone newbie here. I am looking for someone who can make a keygen or crack for a point of sale software. Link given below
  4. T

    Hustlers Ambition -Time to stop bullshittin' and gets this paper. 500/day by July 2015

    Long time lurker, first real post so here goes, I've been in the I.M. game part time for the past 3 years. I've had the minor success that comes with half-assing methods found of BHW with no real motivation to get this money. I have a 9-5 that pays fairly well and I.M. that is like a side chick...
  5. S

    need a bh programmer / reverse engineer

    need a reverse engineer / programmer to create a keygen simple linux app, download link directly to vendor no special protection ask your price pm me for details or an offer
  6. K

    Need Serial/KeyGen for G-Recorder Professional For Skype 2.3.18

    Dear Friends, I need a serial/keygen for G-Recorder Professional For Skype version 2.3.18..Please share if you can. thanks & regards, Wrong thread category...thread created under Download Request now..
  7. A

    Looking for software cracker

    I am looking for software cracker to crack time limit and expired software also with other issues with software to create an key generator for it. I will pay 5$ each crack you make PM me for more info
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