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  1. squid

    Need suggestions about driving traffic tp 5linx website.

    I rarely post, but I do read a great deal. Though 5linx pushes mostly to our "warm" market, I know from lurking here so long that driving targeted traffic to my site would be a much quicker and efficient way. I am NOT spamming this. I honestly would love for anyone and everyone to look at my...
  2. F

    My Keyword optimized Page on #3 in 2 days (stunning stuff)

    I recently thought about looking at things from a periscope i.e targeted stuff. thus, I decided to take up a venture, I gave emphasis on keyword research the most. Now my webpage (It's not my site, Its a web 2.0 property (secret,shhh.. ;) )) had been ranking on number 3 in just about 2 days...
  3. S

    less than 100 backlinks ranked #9 for Most competitive keyword in the World

    in this forum, majority of us believe that, more backlinks and optimize context help websites get to highly ranked in search engines, but website listed below ranked #9 for one of the most competitive keywords "SEO" they have less than 100 backlinks according into google and and most of the...
  4. F

    Current thoughts (SE), on 'a' tagged meta keys

    Google swore they would ban you, but successful sites still placed meta keys in anchor text. What is the current thought in the Black Hat World? Also, I did not visit this site for 3 months, because every time I did, I was attacked, and I spent my time fighting off attacks, not learning STOP IT!
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