keword advice

  1. xiaolaba

    How to rank the keyword in the top three?

    I am a new man in the seo. I choose a keyword to make a nich website. Please give me some advice about link building. Now, this nich site is new, no link building. How to do linkbuilding? I can rank the keyword into top 3. Thank you! :) Here are some data for this keyword: <1 > From Market...
  2. LonelyTraveller

    Should I go for these keywords?

    Hello everyone, I've found few keywords in a niche with Keyword| KD| Volume X| 2| 7K Y| 1| 9K Z| 1| 4K and so on. There are around 10-12 keywords with same metrics and search volume of around 1K. I want to build a amazon...
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