1. G

    Track Google Ads Generated Conversions From A Cloacked Website

    Hello, I want to know if someone is using a technique to track convertions of google ads from a cloacked website. I am using Trafficshield to cloack my website and I don't know if there is any option. I tried a lot of automation tools, and tried also the manual upload, but I can't know if the...
  2. M

    Keitaro Google ads

    i am running ads on google ads and using cloaking with keitaro using the Curl method, the campaign is active but i cannot track sales, if i setup the tracking on the Black website i am afraid to get my account banned if google notice a redirection. so i am still confused about this any ideas on...
  3. F

    Could it be that Keitaro TDS is the reason of getting lower in organic positions

    I have my website in RU. I placed there a good quality content and after 2 weeks the website started to growing in positions. Using semrush I could saw at least ~200 of KWs in TOP1-3 orgainc Google. Then I decided to place Keitaro TDS code in the source code of my index.php (using Wordpress). By...
  4. Meteorburn

    Ogads + Postback + Tracker

    Greetings! Sorry for my English. Tell me how to pass parameters to Ogads from my TDS Tracker (Keitaro TDS)? I need to pass "click-id" to Ogads to transfer the conversion back to my TDS system. I'm using content-locker (captcha locker and content locker) I asked my helper in Ogads, but he just...
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