journey $10000

  1. J

    [Journey] $10k A Month with OnlyFans and AI model (OFM)

    FIRST and Foremost: If you think its not possible or any negative loser mentality - I don't want to hear it. There is roadblocks in EVERY business and method. If no issues arise there will always be some people that just say "now its impossible" and some people that find a solution and make bank...
  2. Whtbirch

    [My Journey] I make $1,000 a month just by using Telegram search. Next goal is $10,000

    Hi everyone, it's been almost half a year since I posted my previous post where I shared with you my desire to earn $1,000 per month and a few days ago I finally did it. Now I will tell you a little bit about what I had to do to achieve this goal. In the first few months of 2023, I was...
  3. ryzendrak

    [Journey] $0 to $10k a month with Dropshipping

    Yep, that's right from $0 to $10k a month (Profit). I'm still having doubts about this but I'd rather do this than regret it 5 years later not trying it at all miserable in my 9-5 job :weep: and dreaming about my caravan bugaa'ee truck (Free NSFW pic below ;)). Also who knows doing this might...
  4. justmeus

    [Journey] Sweepstakes affiliate - road to 10K/mo

    Hey everyone! I'm a seasoned growth hacker, and today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my affiliate journey. I've previously ventured into the white-hat, evergreen SEO blog niche. I've found these niches to be very competitive. This will not be the first time I hit the 10K/month mark...
  5. F

    [Journey] Scaling my $20,000/month OFM agency to $100,000/month by the end of 2023

    So I thought that I'd share my 10 month journey where I started OFM just to make a few thousand $ per month and how I even made it to where I now plan to generate $100,000/month by the end of this year and I want to share my plan on how I'm going to do it. Right now my agency is generating...
  6. P

    Earned $12600 in a month using Free Traffic Strategy promoting Affiliate products

    Previously in another thread I posted here my journey using 2800 websites with high traffic which they accept affiliate products l, to make free traffic campaigns posting that kind of products. I earned so far $5636 after I posted manually during 13 days in the whole list with 2800 websites...
  7. Sanraion

    My [Journey] to $10,000 p/m and a Porsche 911.

    Evening BHW, I've been on this forum for donkeys years now lurking or commenting here or there. I've been trying to make money on the internet since 2016. You name it i've probably tried it from selling fifa coins, email marketing, blogging, FBA and more. FBA was going to be my escape however I...
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