joomla templates

  1. codeman1234

    Where to get joomla templates?

    Hi, I am trying to find joomla templates but, on there is no way to find them, can anyone tell me where are you suppose to find the free templates from joomla? like happens with wordpress that you can download them from Thanks
  2. R

    Joomla 1.7 Template - adsense

    Hi All, I've been playing around with wordpress and also Joomla, and decided that joomla has a few more things I can utilize for content generation than wordpress. However, Im struggling to find a good template that helps with adsense conversion. I.e, it blends well with the site and...
  3. A

    Hello From Mallorca (Spain)

    Hello everybody! I am a webmaster in the balearic islands and i do template for Joomla website and all the design and programming with PHP and MYSQL. I am swithing from Windows XP to LINUX unbuntu now. I am starting improving linux shell and command line. Also all about network TCP/IP I thing...
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