1. blackma

    Insert {joke|humorous anecdote} here

    I was at a night club over the weekend. It was 70's/80's night. They played "Boogie Wonderland", so I boogied. They played "Celebration", so I celebrated. They played "Come on Eileen".... then I got kicked out. :D
  2. blackma

    Getting 'froggy' with it!!?

    So what category would this be under on redtube or youporn!? :D
  3. blackma

    Serious question...

    If your Uncle Jack would help you off a horse, would you help your Uncle jack off a horse!? :confused:
  4. Z

    Traffic for a joke site, I'm really lost here...

    Okay I decided to put up a jokes site about a month ago. I put some jokes on it, blonde, emo and dirty jokes... you can see it for yourself I put adsense ads on it, that is my source of income and I plan to keep it that way because the CTR is pretty good. Now the problem is...
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