joint venture.

  1. seadog24

    Your SMTP Server & Product - My Clean Email Lists

    Hi, I have hundreds of thousands scraped email lists.. Niche is IM..I scraped all these emails myself, with my own custom scraper.. which I do not sell so it leaves no footprints.. I am looking for partners to JV with.. You must have a SMTP server with warmed up dedicated IP's to increase inbox...

    [ JV ] Building Affiliate Websites To Bring Home The Bacon $$$$$$$

    Hey BHW I'm looking to kick off the new year with this JV. We will be building out authority sites and driving traffic from different sources to bring in the bacon $$$. We will be focusing on different types of content such as: Niche Content (Blog) Social Media Content Link Building Content...
  3. fmbaba01

    [JV] Your SMS messaging platform + my 20million sms and monitization = $$$

    As the topic suggest. I have a friend who is a DB expert, he recently has access to more than 40million SMS database, but willing to drop 20million for monetization. I will be providing the monetization offer, So if you have capacity to send SMS bulk message to 20million recipients, then let...