joint partner

  1. AryaStark

    Need a Partner who can do the Instagram Automation - Let's Work Together

    Hey, I wanna work with someone who can manage the Instagram Automation part. I have a good profitable niche, that I've been selling in for years now. What do I need? - Follow/Unfollow - Automated DM's for new Followers That's basically all I need. If you have the time and want to work...
  2. R

    [JV] My google ad account spend + your profitable campaign

    As the title suggest my Ad spent and your profitable offer. Offer must be legit no illegal or Blackhat offer. Cause i don't want Circumventing Systems ban on my account. So at the end if you have any offer we can do JV and we can discuss about the profit share also.
  3. 4

    Our DEX Automated Market Maker for NFTs + Your outreach to NFT projects that want to join our platform and add their NFTs to it = $1000 per project

    Our AMM (Automated Market Maker) DEX for NFTs is getting traction. We have many partners and investors. Dozens of NFT projects have joined but we are looking for more NFT projects/ collections, both new and existing NFT projects. We are looking for several people (or 1 person) who can reach out...
  4. SMMTribe

    My SMM Panel + Your Scrapping

    So i have a great idea to basically increase sales, and no other panels are doing it. This could be a huge game changer, and if you team up with me. We'll both make money. If you have a scrapping service & email sender. We can definitely come in with huge amount of traffic. This involves...
  5. justmeus

    My high(ticket) converting website | Your Tier 1 Traffic

    Hey Guys, Looking for people with tier 1 traffic that want to activate them on a Saas model. Traffic should be qualitative and have a decent compliance.
  6. codingMinds

    [JV] My Web and Mobile Development Team + Your Clients' Projects

    Hello, I have a team of skilled developers. We are specialists in web apps and mobile apps. We can show the previous projects that we did. If you have your client's projects that are related to the web and mobile apps let me know. We can discuss the share don't worry about it. Just pm me or...
  7. D

    My 1 million followers on Instagram, your method

    Hey! I hope you are fine and safe! I have more than one million followers on Instagram in hot girls niche. My pages are perfect for curvy women and plus size women. Please if you are interested in more details, feel free to PM. Thank you
  8. WarLords

    My Paid Ads Network Sources | Domains Hostings| and Affiliate Networks + Your Proven Technical Setup | High Converting Offers = $$$$

    So am going to make this quite simple and short :), I can provide ad networks with some payment solutions(reloadable my vccs). What I Can Bring to the Table? Small Budget Traffic networks include: FBAds Old Google Ads ( Rare but I have some now to start with) Some Native Ads Networks Like...
  9. sercilo

    [JV] My services for media buyers + your clients/niche traffic

    Hello, I am a seller in BHW and I'm selling Facebook accounts and virtual cards. My target audience are active media buyers, mostly working in sensitive niches that need FB accounts and VCCs on the regular. I am looking for people to JV with, that can help me to get new customers. Ideally, you...
  10. onlinefreefilms

    [JV] Your Social Media Traffic + My movie/tv shows website = $$

    Have a growing movie/tv shows website with around 800-1k daily users. Done on page and off page seo but traffic has stabelized. I am looking for a partner with reddit and other social media accounts that can help me grow traffic. Looking for tier 1 and 2 traffic mostly. I want to monetize...
  11. fmbaba01

    [JV] Your 1-click/Sweeps/Auction et al Offers & Engagement + Our SMS (multi countries) leads = $$$$

    As the Joint venture implies, if you have capacity to engage multiple thousands or millions of SMS/call leads and have good 1Click/sweeps/auctions or others, we might work together. We can supply multiple countries leads on an agreeable terms and with good monitoring/tracking, while you...
  12. 4

    Only fans JV models

    Been thinking this for a while now. But I'm looking for Onlyfans models. I will market your account and send traffic to it (lots of traffic) from various sources like Reddit, Twitter and Instagram. But also video marketing and other ways to make sure you will get traffic and able to monetize...
  13. SeedPhrase

    ✅★[JV] My Unlimited Google Ads Budget + Your Whitehat Offer = $$ [50/50]★

    Hi Guys, I Am looking for long term JVs who have profitable whitehat campaigns/offer, you will get access to unlimited Google Threshold accounts. you can promote Affiliate offers, pay per call offer, CPA, or Anything That is promotable using Google ads promote using Google ads: 1- Search ads...
  14. D

    Lookin for Onlyfans partner

    Hey I have 4 Instagram pages with 1.5 million followers and all of them about curvy and thick girls. I'm looking for Onlyfans partner who will profide me content and I will bring traffic. Thank you
  15. fmbaba01

    [Looking For] Individual/Group That can turn lead to Sales & Have Acess to Good Offers in FX,Crypto,BO,Gambling et al

    Background story: I have a partner of mine who has some interesting Cold leads/data and he is basically willing to sell, but i am proposing engagement of those leads and make sales off them rather than selling the off cheap. However, after much deliberation, there is some agreement in...
  16. flashsites

    Twitter Views Partner

    I'm looking for someone running high quality Twitter bots that can get real people to view their video and engage. I want views in 1M increments. We'll do a smaller test to start. Can someone point me to someone reputable?
  17. livedatingtube

    Looking for Swedish native speaking for a project.

    I am looking for a new partner with experience in calling B2B My UK company are working with making calls and are calling on different contrieys as Portugal,Brazil and Sweden. We help our customers find new leads and strengthen their position in the market. By collecting information about...
  18. G

    I will pay you to upload an App to the store

    Hello people, I’m a Web/App Developer, I have an App developed but don’t have a Gplay or Apple store acc. So I want to pay someone who has an acc to upload the Apps. The person should reply with the amount he wants and if it’s okay for me we’ll work together. Waiting to hear from you and if...
  19. Eholic

    My product + your traffic sources

    I will: - Choose high converting affiliate products - Advice/suggest traffic sources (if you need my advice, it's there) You will: - Provide traffic 50/50 profit split. If interested or have any questions comment below or PM. Thanks
  20. Bukunmi

    (JV)My clickbank account creation method for blacklisted countries + Your way of bringing customers

    Ok I'm also from a blacklisted country also and i have a method of creating clickbank accounts for people also in the blacklisted countries(e.g russia, morroco and many more countries(pls do a search on google to find the blacklisted countries, it's a long list). The method has worked 100% for...
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