1. D

    Need Commission-Based Partners BIG MONEY

    Looking for 1. An expert in Seo, lots of experience and success, super grounded, informed, and up-to-date on whitehat and blackhat methods related to ranking. 2. Social Media Expert for ads and organic traffic, lots of experience and success, grounded and up-to-date on the algorithms and...
  2. gBraid

    I want Digital Marketing Projects (SEO, PPC, ORM, Content marketing) Can Anyone Help me?

    I am looking for interesting digital marketing projects that I can work on to gain more experience and build my portfolio. With over 4 years of experience in areas like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, online reputation management (ORM), and content marketing, I...
  3. dakudaddy

    [Lifetime Account] Get Rezi Account Free For Lifetime

    Hey BHW Family Just Go To Choose Lifetime Validity Then Use Code [hirednow] and Your Lifetime account is activated :)
  4. gBraid

    App Development Project Pending - Need Freelancer

    I need digital marketing expert who help me achieve digital growth. SEO, PPC and Content Marketing. Anyone interested Please Send DM or Comment. I need Full time / Part Time Digital marketing expert
  5. Divisoria

    Eleven websites to find thousands of remote jobs opportunities

    Hi BHW communities, Here is my contribution to this powerful forum. Eleven websites to find thousands of remote jobs opportunities. Let's go, connected diverse talent like you to big career moves, solid gigs kick off your freelance career with a solid platform...
  6. giftedstan

    Seeking for Advice

    Hi Fellow BHW members, I have some problems, I am very confident in writing Python/Django and a few js frameworks, but I'm a Nigerian and local jobs here pays very less, by less I mean a mid level Dev earning $100 per month, so I can't go for them, please comment suggestions on how I can get...
  7. M

    What skill I should learn to start earning?

    Hi, I have free time and I want to learn something to finally start earning online. It's important to say that I don't aim for 2000$ a month or 50-100$ a day.... No! Even 5$ is something because I have time and I want to use it to earn even a dollar. There's nothing wrong making 100$ a day for...
  8. davidbuttler

    What are the freelance WordPress developer skills you should master?

    Following are some skills to master as a freelance WordPress developer: HTML Skills HTML is a common language for web development in general, and knowing it entails knowing how a web page is put together. To become an expert in HTML, you'll need 15-25 days and 7 hours per day. For WordPress...
  9. John Michelson

    When did you decide to quit your job and start your own business?

    Have you ever taken a risk in your life, and how has it effected your current life and progress?
  10. W

    Here to network

    I'm building a business based on CPC feeds and domains we own and acquire. Looking to connect with coders/media-buyers with experience in the CPC feed space. We have access to premium CPC feeds in this search and jobs feed space and I want to partner with technical-minded people who can help...
  11. bhbucks

    Which jobs will be killed by AI in the next 20 years?

    Do you have any predictions on this matter? I even hear that coding jobs will be killed by Artificial Intelligence too. Doctors, lawyers, waitresses, drivers etc. No jobs are safe? But I especially want to know about the next 20 years.
  12. francis christin

    Where can I find freelance web scraping jobs except from Upwork, freelancer?

    Where can I find freelance web scraping jobs except from Upwork, freelancer?
  13. E


    Hello, I am looking to hire peoples for simple online jobs. 1.I need someone to play and record video games and I will pay him or her for every video that is recorded. If someone is interested contact me her on bhw or my email address [email protected]
  14. L

    Need some help in upwork

    Hello I need some help please I am not getting any response in Upwork I have spend more than 100 connects I am not talking about getting projects on Upwork I want to know why I am not getting any response message on Upwork at least a single message
  15. S

    Amazon procurement guy

    We're a Manchester based online company. We have twelve full time staff and a warehouse which is currently working under capacity. I'd like to take on an employee with procurement skills who can source profitable new products for us to sell on Amazon. We ship our existing products to 52...
  16. L


    MTURK JOINT VENTURE LONG - TERM Hello Friends, I am Offering JOINT VENTURE for "AMAZON MTURK" US Users only. If you are from USA then you can join with me. Your "AMAZON MTURK" Account and My Worker. We Can Share Profits. Even if you don't have "AMAZON MTURK" you can create a new one...
  17. Y

    Is reliable?
  18. Br Stoner

    [Help] Home Office Help Needed

    Hello guys, only for those who have gone through or know what it is like to go through something like that: But first my apologizes for the bad english, never did any course and the Brazilians schools are poor at that (learn it gaming, reading subtitles and threads here). I was here on with my...
  19. M

    Looking for content/copywriter

    I'm 90% done with our site we're going to marketing to. Looking for a copy/content writer experienced in the job/career/education space. Please PM
  20. flashsites

    Looking for marketers to help with promo of dating app

    Im looking to offer my site's chat room ad spot for anyone who can help me get traffic.The site keeps users so you'll get continuous views and clicks.
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