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  1. ByteSmith

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    WordPress Perfection: Brilliant Web design and development service. Business, E-commerce( Woocommerce & Shopify), Affiliate websites
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  4. D

    how do i get my js code and py script to talk to each other so proxy works

    #!/usr/bin/env node 'use strict'; var net = require('net'), tls = require('tls'); var HTTPParser = process.binding('http_parser').HTTPParser; var http = require('http'), https = require('https'); var url = require('url'); function main() { //convert `-key value` to cfg[key]=value var cfg =...
  5. Kadha

    Content Locker Help

    Hello guys I hope the Programming forum is the right option to post my question. (English ain't my first language) I have a Por* Website and I wanted to make a content locking page. I basically wanted a Content Locker that would look like this (MyLead): And when an offer would be completed...
  6. S

    learning assistance javascript

    Hello programmers. I've been learning JS a lot already, about 3-4 months, learned the basics, syntax, and so on. But, now my progress has stalled, and I have several problems. 1 - I do not know how to learn further, that is, when I learned the basics, I watched training videos and repeated after...
  7. Kostya76

    Full Stack Web Development from Zero to My First Web App in 6 Months (or less)

    While being quarantined for so many weeks at home, I've decided to pick up a new hobby. Usually, people build model airplanes, go scuba-diving, crochet, etc, but I am going to learn full-stack web-development in my spare time. I have a few web app ideas (both for my day job and for fun), but I...
  8. A

    Hello people I`m Alex!

    I come from Romania, I`m an average lazy marketer that took advantage of promoting CPA offers with ripped movies websites, all kind of fake game hacks and shits like that, with spammy, Youtube and SEO methods for about 10 years. And I kinda got sick of it and left all behind ofc competition...
  9. M

    Looking for someone to Scrape Interactive Map on Website

    Hi BHW, Can someone help to scrape data of an interactive map embedded on a Website? I require the store location, phone, email, contact person and address details listed on each pin from the interactive map.
  10. Ekame

    Uncaught TypeError: t(...).WooVariationSwatches is not a function

    Hello :) can u help me? Wordpress + Woocommerce website Everything worked but did not notice when the buttons for variations in commodity cards stopped working. Worth WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin for variations Site...
  11. tinnauk

    Adults ad networks that support AMP ?

    Is there is any adults ad network that knows how to display their ads on AMP pages? It seems like they all relay on scripts today and the google-beloved-AMP is left out Thanks!
  12. CallumCPA

    Looking for a coder, C++ and Javascript

    Looking for a coder for a project/ game I am wanting to start. It's mainly text-based. This work will be ongoing and of course, when it's finished I will need updates and upgrades etc so it's not a one-time thing. Looking for a cheap rate worker with flexibility, I know there will be bugs...
  13. M

    Is there a java script autoclick ?

    Is there a java script autoclick ? I want java script auto click in site links for extraction popunder ads Because i use traffic exchange sites:( Thank you so much:)
  14. W

    [Help] anime-scraper node.js

    Hi, I download this node_module from ( and am confused as how to use this node module to scrape anime from gogoanime. I try running a test via ssh but I get this SyntaxError Unexpected reserved word can some directed me to the right direction to make this node...
  15. K

    Need Of A Website In Today's Corporate World

    In today’s world where there is a rapid advancement in the internet and telecommunication technology, the growing demand for web designing and internet marketing services is increasing day by day. If you want to improve your online business, then it is desirable that you create a custom website...
  16. Jangga

    Is using php+js categorized as Ajax?

    please, i want to build a dynamic website. i intend to use php and js ....but, people online always refering to ajax. Cant i build with only php+js+css ? I believe js is enough for client side stuff
  17. Ad13HDd

    Happy to help, hoping for help.

    Hi all, looking forward to chatting with you all. I have some skills and looking forward to learning more. Interests: Java Script, Kali Linux, webdesign, Lead generation, SEO, Sales, online marketing.
  18. Y

    Need a person who know : JAVASCRIPT, PHP, HTML

    Need a person who can creeate a script to post ads on a website. I pay for this script ! Contact me here : 654907223 ( ICQ )
  19. Rishi Makan

    Assigning auto generated GUID to a variable in offer link

    I am promoting an afilliate offer online and the advertiser wants the GUID/IDFA info for every user who is interested in the offer. I have a Javascript code that auto generates GUID ( ). I would like that code incorporated in my Landing page so it auto generates a...
  20. Nekraj

    [Urgent Help Needed ] To create a lovecalculater Spy website

    Hi, Great Programmers, I want to create a love calculator simple website where people put their name, their crush name and get the percentage like many other website . But here I want one more thing that When someone e input their details ,I got those details via email notification. Let's...
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