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    What is avg popunder cpm rate for an adult japan tube site?

    Hi everyone, I have a japan tube site which has 700K UV, I just want to know what's the avg popunder cpm for such a site. and I'm using juicyads now, but the popunder cpm is only 0.3, I think it's too low for me. Someone can recommend some other popunder network and give me something about their...
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    Looking for PBNs in Japanese porn niche

    Hi, I am building a JAV site and would like to establish some backlinks from blogs like fc2.com, doorblog.jp, livedoor.jp, etc, which rank high DAs and niche related. Whoever has experience in such kind of niche I also look forward to talk to u:)
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    Looking for PBNs in Japanese porn niche

    Guys i'm running a Japanese adult video (jav) site and looking for some PBNs with high DAs in such niche, such as fc2.com, livedoor.jp, doorblog.jp, etc. Is there somebody providing this or just have any ideas how to reach out for such kind of service?
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    Is my site just too useless to make even a few dollars a week

    Now I am well aware that maybe people might not want to help other people, as the more people you help the more competition probably. But I have a porn themed website and it isn't that old yet, anyway I signed up to an adnetwork called juicy ads since it seemed like the only one that would...