jarvee facebook

  1. artrogold

    New Decade, New Member! Searching for Social Media Mentor!

    Happy New Year Black Hat World! :D I'm excited to start the decade connected with such an extensive group of professionals. I'm searching for an individual Experienced with Mother/Slave and/or Repost Viral Content tactic for Instagram using Jarvee Automation Software. I've manually grown my...
  2. W

    Jarvee is not stop following people at a certain point error

    Jarvee is not stop following people after 110 follows jarvee stopped following. yesterday it was 17 86 it stopped following, but yet kept unfollowing. there was no blocks from instagram or anything. Have this happend to anyone else?
  3. M

    Jarvee only comments.. NEED HELP!

    So i want to use Jarvee just to comment... I don't know where to buy facebook accounts, what accounts i really need.... how to not get them blocked? where to buy good residential proxies?! And how can I use it to comment daily on some facebook pages (i set them up) and not block my facebook...