jarvee automation

  1. dilder

    All Scrapers Email Verification! Jarvee

    Hello, I just checked my scraper accounts and I am more then shocked. over 90% got an email verification after only 1-2 days! I have very strict API limits, but yet this happened. Could it be that I use to little scrapers? I currently got 72 main accounts and 65 main accounts. *I lost "only"...
  2. micleclark

    [Request] Jarvee LinkedIn Contact Tool Setting for New Connection!!

    Hey, I'm currently running 1 account on Jarvee Linkedin. Can you please recommend me Jarvee Linkedin Contact tool setting for new connection? I mean, when someone accept my request, how can i add them in my message funnel automatically? Thanks in Advance!!
  3. A

    ** Looking for Jarvee Expert **

    Hello! I am looking for someone experienced with Jarvee to A) Create 25 Instagram business accounts (I'll provide all the content, bio, website link, etc) and B) Help me set up those accounts in Jarvee with the safest and most efficient settings. I would like to learn how to scale the settings...
  4. wild vegetable

    [JARVEE] How to create groups Twitter groups

    Anyone knows how to create Twitter group conversations automatically with jarvee? I get invited to chats with 40+ people constantly by these spammers selling SMM services. Anyone knows how they do it?
  5. eaglehunter

    Jarvee expert for instagram

    Looking for someone who has a Jarvee license to run my instagram account. I know exactly what I want and would need them to implement it. I can pay a monthly fee for them running my account. Please contact me here or on telegram @LMGrowth
  6. S

    Instagram Jarvee Proxy to Eliminate the Block

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions I'm running into Jarvee blocks, I think because I am using a vps to run Jarvee for my account. The problem I'm having is that if I use Jarvee on its own and never login to my IG on my phone or computer everything works fine, but the second I use that same...
  7. M

    Jarvee for single IG account

    Had used Jarvee in the heyday of automation but hadn't been part of it since the updates last year Right now I am planning to grow a single account - 2 months old , original content being uploaded manually each day For now, my goal is to grow this account. I have been thinking of going the F/UF...
  8. LoverMarketing

    Question for delete posts on Instagram with Jarvee :)

    Hello everyone, I use Jarvee, and now me interested in how many posts are okay to delete per day? :D I have one profile with 9k posts and now I want setup Jarvee for automation delete. I don't want to have trouble with Instagram. I want to stay safe. I think to set up Jarvee on 150-230...
  9. R

    Jarvee (Twitter) not adding Image for Post!

    Hey I'm new to Jarvee and so far it works with posting without any problems, but when adding an Image it does not post the Image, any Idea what to do there?
  10. L

    Need Jarvee Automation help (2k/project potentially recurring)

    I know the account is new, but I've been reading this forum since it led me to scrapebox years ago. I run a marketing/lead gen company and we just landed a client that needs an entire office full of agents social media automated. Not because they are lazy, but because they are clueless about...
  11. LandscapePhotographer

    Is using AWS account for Jarvee without Proxy ok?

    Hi, After doing some research I am going to sign up to use Jarvee. I will be using it to just 'like' on quite low numbers running just one, maybe two accounts. I will be logging on to post and comment myself using my iPhone. I am a Mac user so will need to use a VPS. I had a few questions if...
  12. J

    Jarvee contact tool

    Hi guys, I used to scrape profiles with jarvee via contact tool, about 1-1,5k profiles scraped per account per day. Since 1-2 days ago, I can't scrape more than 100 per account, and api calls have increased like 10x Anyone experiencing something similar?
  13. artrogold

    New Decade, New Member! Searching for Social Media Mentor!

    Happy New Year Black Hat World! :D I'm excited to start the decade connected with such an extensive group of professionals. I'm searching for an individual Experienced with Mother/Slave and/or Repost Viral Content tactic for Instagram using Jarvee Automation Software. I've manually grown my...
  14. J

    Problems with Jarvee Repost Tool settings

    I am running 10 IG accounts in Jarvee through a VPS, and am having problems with the repost tool. They post things that aren't that much related to their niches* and they repeat the same post multiple times. * The first problem I guess is related to the sources I used, but I don't know how to...
  15. J

    Hello, new user here fighting to understand Jarvee

    Hello guys! I've been lurking around here for a time and decided to create an account. I am running 10 IG accounts in Jarvee through a VPS, and am having problems with the repost tool. They post things that aren't that much related to their niches* and they repeat the same post multiple times...
  16. M

    Help Me Determine Why I Got Follow Blocked with Jarvee

    Hi there, hope everyone is doing well. I'm testing out two Instagram accounts, both on which I have run Jarvee before, but not for a few months. Using 4G mobile proxies from Proxy-Cheap.com, currently using both test Instagrams on the same proxy. One account got an action block ONLY from...
  17. Thrivity

    Journey of the gramchild

    Hello BHW Community, I have been lurking the last serval months, reading, learning and absorbing all information I can. I decided to embark upon yet another IG journey. I have been into IG for several years as a photographer and have grown a nice organic following for my personal page...