1. GodLy

    is there option to "Like" jack Tumblr?

    Hey, Anyone know Tumblr "like/love" jacker? Thanks
  2. cmghostbuster

    So anyone bought "the new" Stealth Jacker from this guy?

    Hi, Are some of you remembering user Shezboy who had an acc here and sold his fb jacker yt jacker and so on? His thread is closed now but i received a lot of emails from him to buy the "new" "stealth jacker" . Can someone confirm that this guy has this jacker and its not just a scam? A few...
  3. Lebowskii

    Will facebook click jacker for wordpress get me blacklisted on Google?

    Hey, When using click-jacker in wordpress, will this result in a blacklist on google? or something like that... ?
  4. snurper

    Anybody know of a Wordpress plugin similar to Jack Jacker?

    Hey guys... I came across a plugin called Jack Jacker, installed it on my site, but it's not working... If you don't know what it does, basically it allows you to jack any webpage and show it on your site with a call to action banner at the top of the page. Does anybody know of a plugin that...