1. iSellitunesSalesCheap

    What Kind Of Bots Would U Like To See The Most Out Of his List Of 10

    1. Gmail Account Creator (Semi Automatic Users Will Get a Prompt For Sms Verifcation ) 2. Beatstars Sales Bot/Like Bot/Follow Bot/Commment Bot/Account Creator (detailed options) 3. Secrue "bot" that uses proxies and a fake user agent on each request for hands on work in a web browser 4. itunes...
  2. iSellitunesSalesCheap

    methods for mass bot purchases

    burner credit cards ? multiple paypal accounts? what do u think would be besst for mass purchases with a bot ? does geust paypal checkout allow u to use the same details over and over again? what is the best way to go about it ? for small purchases like 1 dollar or less
  3. LandCapitanKirk

    What do I need to Increase an artist streams and presence online!

    Hi, I've recently started an independent record lable, our mission is to accept and bring to real ears independent artists with real talent and a strong love for music, but sadly we are not able to deliver a propper amount of streams to them, especially for those who are not influencers, I start...
  4. B

    iTunes Album Sales Austria

    Need someone who can make iTunes Album Sales to get into the charts in austria. Also i need stats of sales in austria (album)
  5. N

    Can someone guide me how iTunes plays and ios app installs work?

    Okay so i’ve been looking for a few methods to earn online. Unfortunately i dont have IM experience, i suck at writing, SEO is too complicated for me. I don’t have any special skills yet to do IM like ads and etc. then I was browsing this forum for a few days and I saw some demand on icloud...
  6. Historyonfire

    LF Coder to Create Itunes account creator & Itunes automation bot (Budget: $7,500 + costs)

    Hello, Looking for someone to create 2 bots: 1. Itunes account creation bot * needs to be able to create 10K accounts per month ideally 2. Itunes automation bot The account creator needs to be able to make accounts that don't require phone 2FA, or if you have a way to operate it with...
  7. M

    Itunes Purchasing

    We are looking out for someone who can purchase our tracks on itunes or bandcamp from USA , UK and Canada . We will need more than 150 purchases. We can pay the cost of the track and $0.50 extra for the work for each track. We would need guaranteed work
  8. M

    Reliable Marketer with 350 paypal us verified accounts and 350 proxies

    Hello I am looking out for a very reliable marketer who has 350 paypal usa verified accounts and 350 proxies from USA to do a purchasing job. You need to have 75 cents in each of your paypal account out of which 69 cents will be spent. We are ready to pay 99 cents multiplied by 350 for this job!
  9. D

    Need freelancer to create AppStore Downloads Bot

    Hello all! At this moment I need someone to create AppStore Downloads Bot. Main features: - Perform Install - Perform 5-star review - proxy support If somebody can do this stuff or knows someone who can provide such software please comment here or PM me. Thanks in advance!
  10. M

    Looking out for someone who can buy music on Bandcamp

    Hi there I am looking out for someone who has UK ,Sweden , Finland or USA VCC to purchase track from Bandcamp or Itunes? We would need like 300 purchases to being with. The price of the track is 69 cents but we will give you $1 for each purchase, So you will make 31 cents from each purchase. If...
  11. A

    Where can I promote my music to reach the right kind of audience?

    Is there any platform where I can promote my music to the right kind of audience? I have tried advertising on Facebook/Instagram but it didn't have the desired effect that I wanted. Is there any other platform that could help me promote my music to reach my target audience?
  12. A

    How to improve ranking on iTunes Store

    Does anybody have any idea about music rankings on iTunes Store? I have some music up in iTunes store and I am trying to find out how I can rank it in charts. I tried a couple of things but they didn't affect my rankings much or maybe I needed more help with them. Can anybody help me in ranking...
  13. pips2010

    How To get Gift Cards UP To 40-60% Off Discounted

    First Go to : It’s where we can find the cheapest Gift Cards. First method: consist to check the available gift cards by categories: So let’s go to Browse FLIP LISTINGS: Here we can see all the listing not even gift cards, so we can find more interesting things and good deals...
  14. J

    Itunes Charts Ranking Teacher

    Looking for a Proffesional who can teach me how to boost Songs Sales via Itunes Drop PN with your Skype Addy
  15. Pheno


    Does anyone have a site that promotes itunes?
  16. lilRichez


    Please if you know any reliable site where I can easily exchange iTunes Card to bitcoin do share with me. I have one I would like to convert and I would also like to go into the business of buying the card & exchanging it to bitcoin to make gains from those who wants to sell.
  17. Shqipenet


    Hi, if you`re a musician, music-label owner or an artist manager then I´m glad to tell you that you`ve found the holy grail of Blackhat Music Marketing. We´ve helped a lot of artists reaching their goals! We helped newcomers to get their music into the top chart positions that often...
  18. harold johnson


    looking for someone who is able to rank songs to the itunes top charts
  19. H

    Itunes Top charts (EASY GIG & MONEY)

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who is able to get a song on Itunes Top Charts (Top 10-1) in any CIS country. If you are sure you can do it, please send me a message. If you don't have have done this kind of a gig before but you live in some CIS country that's fine too. I know the process so I...
  20. James Macheli

    Selling Music on iTunes

    Hi guys A local Artist asked me if I can be able to sell their music on iTunes and all other online platforms, so I would highly appreciate any advice, suggestions from anyone on here ..especially those that have done this kind of thing before Thank you
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