1. prismasmm

    Proxies providers or good offers

    Greetings everyone. I am looking for genuine proxy suppliers. I need static ipv4, as well as ipv6 with and without rotation. Needed for resale. Contact (Telegram): @dmitry_giga
  2. D

    Buy-mail.com - private ipv4 and ipv6 proxies for more than 50 countries!!!

    Buy-mail.com - private ipv4 and ipv6 proxies for more than 50 countries!!! Today we have 400 networks and more than 1000 subnets. - Authorization login/password or IP - Supports HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols - 54 ipv4 proxy countries - 16 ipv6 proxy countries - 4 mobile proxy countries (own...
  3. nahaczyku

    3proxy and xEvil ipv6 configuration file .cfg

    Hello, Would anyone share with me the 3proxy.cfg file that supports the xEvil program, has IPv6 configured and solves Google Recaptcha? In exchange for the file, I offer a lifetime "do follow" link in the right sidebar across the entire page width on my website: https://webmaster.xmc.pl DR=64
  4. dragondf

    IPV4 x IPV6 - Is there any difference between them to use on the internet?

    Hello! Happy New Year! I am sure we have people who have worked with PROXIES for more than 20 years in this section. I'd like to understand if there is any difference if I use IPV6 proxies despite IPV4 proxies to: - visit websites (new visit0 r s) - w4tch v i de o s I understand that IPV...
  5. navinb

    Xevil with IPV6 - How to setup

    Hello, I switched from ipv4 to ipv6. I just cannot set them up properly with xevil, just getting IP banned with each ipv6 They are in IP,username,password,ipv6 format can anyone help me with setting these up correctly? Thank you
  6. we1

    BUY RESIDENTIAL IPv6 PROXY ✅ For Google, Social Media, etc. ✅ Bulk Purchase ✅ 100 IPv6 = 3$ - 500x IPv6 = 11$ ✅

  7. ViP

    ⎝ Free Rotating Proxies For Everybody ⚡ Reply To Get Them ❤️ Unlimited Bandwidth ☑️ Unlimited Threads ✅ ⎠

    Requirements: Registered for at least 1 month Add a honest and detailed review after receiving the proxies How to apply: Reply with your Telegram username Wait for my Telegram PM after you replied! It can take up to a few business days until you receive a PM from me if there is a huge number...
  8. ViP

    ⎝ PProxies.com ⏩ Rotating on Each Request ⚡ Residential ⭐️ 5G Mobile ⭐️ Datacenter ⭐️ IPv6 ⚔️ Unlimited Bandwidth ☑️ Unlimited Threads ✅ ⎠

    [ VERY LIMITED OFFER ] Reply with "PPROXIES.COM FREE TRIAL" to be able to test our proxies for completely FREE Website | Prices | Support | Reviews | Chat Frequently Asked Questions | Terms Of Service ( clickable links ) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Residential Rotating Proxies...
  9. KORO22

    What best ipv6 proxy providers you know?

    I was searching on Marketplace section trying to find ipv6 provider, but tbh not many opv6 providers there. I need a big list of counties and of course it should be with cheap price, lol I know I want to much, but if anyone know good ipv6 provider , let me know pls.
  10. KORO22

    [WTB] Static Ipv6 India, Brasil, Indonesia.

    Did anyone know where I can find such? I searched on BHW marketplace, but nothing , so maybe someone know providers?
  11. ProxySale

    PROXY-SALE.com - Premium IPv4/IPv6 Private proxies (socks5/https). Support 24/7, 30+ locations | Special BHW Offer

    PROXY-SALE.COM Sale of individual IPv4 and IPv6 proxies supporting both HTTP(s) and Socks5 protocols, with high speed, stable performance, and 24/7 technical support Our proxies are perfect for: - Social networks; - Web scraping; - Online Games; - Traffic arbitrage, CPA - Sports bettings...
  12. we1

    BUY IPv6 PROXY ✅ For Google, Social Media, etc. ✅ Bulk Purchase ✅ 1000x IPv6 = 10$ - 500x IPv6 = 7$ ✅

  13. BlackSugarz

    How can a website detect if the user is using VPN, proxy, fake IP, SSH to connect to it?

    Hello, once I used VPN nd Proxy IPV6 to register in a site but they ban me for using them I don't really want to use my own IP address on the site How can i change my IP Address without getting ban ?
  14. Thelastlellek

    [FREE] Create your own ipv6 proxies

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to share this because it could be useful for some People that need this is a Script / Tutorial for Vultr. It can be used on other VPS Services. It’s based on 3proxy and needs some Tweaking to work with other services. https://github.com/axlek/ipv6-proxy-creator Just a...
  15. YouProxy

    You-Proxy.com - Private individual high-quality IPv4 proxies [https/socks] | Special BHW Offer!

    YouProxy offers to you high-quality, stable and private ipv4 proxies with https/socks5 protocol support. Our proxies will work for any kind of your purpose, that includes the most popular: - Working with social networks (SMM, multi-accounts, blocked resources in your main IP) - Online games...
  16. LuckyAIO

    Developer needed to build scripts to create proxies using HAPROXY or SQUID [advanced expertise required]

    Hello This system will allow me to create proxies after connecting servers / subnets through an admin panel accessible only by me and those who have the password. (very simple website). A REST APIs should be created to hook up with any frontend. A lot of features must be included: ● Supports...
  17. D

    Looking for some IPV6 cheap low key proxies!!

    Hey im looking for some IPV6 cheap low key proxies DM me if you have something to offer! Thank you
  18. S


    I've done a proxy setup from ipv4 to ipv6 with 3proxy.but it is immediately detected that I am behind the proxy.How can I anonymize the ipv6 proxy?Please help me. I've been trying to set up a decent ipv6 proxy server for months.
  19. S

    with iptables only ipv6

    In proxies from ipv4 to ipv6 just for ipv6 to be visible What configuration should be done with iptables?
  20. S

    Please Help Me (About Squid İpv6 Proxy Server)

    i want to set up proxy server.ipv4 to ipv6 with squid. Required to set up account for instagram. Although I have been struggling for months, I can not.This was the last point I could come to: As you can see, both my ipv4 address and my ipv6 address are visible.The squid.conf file looks like...
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