1. ProxySale

    PROXY-SALE.com - Premium IPv4/IPv6 Private proxies (socks5/https). Support 24/7, 30+ locations | Special BHW Offer

    PROXY-SALE.COM Sale of individual IPv4 and IPv6 proxies supporting both HTTP(s) and Socks5 protocols, with high speed, stable performance, and 24/7 technical support Our proxies are perfect for: - Social networks; - Web scraping; - Online Games; - Traffic arbitrage, CPA - Sports bettings...
  2. we1

    Buy IPv6 Proxy ✅ For Google, Social Media, etc. ✅ Bulk Purchase ✅ 1000x IPv6 = 10$ - 500x IPv6 = 7$ ✅

    Buy IPv6 Proxy ✅ For Google, Social Media, etc. ✅ Bulk Purchase ✅ 1000x IPv6 = 10$ - 500x IPv6 = 7$ ✅ Bulk Sales Only IPv6 Private Proxy - Proxies Are Private, Not Shared We have popular locations like DE, USA. You can use google, social media etc. Suitable for account management. It is being...
  3. BlackSugarz

    How can a website detect if the user is using VPN, proxy, fake IP, SSH to connect to it?

    Hello, once I used VPN nd Proxy IPV6 to register in a site but they ban me for using them I don't really want to use my own IP address on the site How can i change my IP Address without getting ban ?
  4. Thelastlellek

    [FREE] Create your own ipv6 proxies

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to share this because it could be useful for some People that need this is a Script / Tutorial for Vultr. It can be used on other VPS Services. It’s based on 3proxy and needs some Tweaking to work with other services. https://github.com/axlek/ipv6-proxy-creator Just a...
  5. YouProxy

    You-Proxy.com - Private individual high-quality IPv4 proxies [https/socks] | Special BHW Offer!

    YouProxy offers to you high-quality, stable and private ipv4 proxies with https/socks5 protocol support. Our proxies will work for any kind of your purpose, that includes the most popular: - Working with social networks (SMM, multi-accounts, blocked resources in your main IP) - Online games...
  6. LuckyAIO

    Developer needed to build scripts to create proxies using HAPROXY or SQUID [advanced expertise required]

    Hello This system will allow me to create proxies after connecting servers / subnets through an admin panel accessible only by me and those who have the password. (very simple website). A REST APIs should be created to hook up with any frontend. A lot of features must be included: ● Supports...
  7. D

    Looking for some IPV6 cheap low key proxies!!

    Hey im looking for some IPV6 cheap low key proxies DM me if you have something to offer! Thank you
  8. S


    I've done a proxy setup from ipv4 to ipv6 with 3proxy.but it is immediately detected that I am behind the proxy.How can I anonymize the ipv6 proxy?Please help me. I've been trying to set up a decent ipv6 proxy server for months.
  9. S

    with iptables only ipv6

    In proxies from ipv4 to ipv6 just for ipv6 to be visible What configuration should be done with iptables?
  10. S

    Please Help Me (About Squid İpv6 Proxy Server)

    i want to set up proxy server.ipv4 to ipv6 with squid. Required to set up account for instagram. Although I have been struggling for months, I can not.This was the last point I could come to: As you can see, both my ipv4 address and my ipv6 address are visible.The squid.conf file looks like...
  11. S

    Help About Squid

    I want to set up a proxy from ipv4 to ipv6, but when I log into whatismyipaddress.com, both my ipv4 and ipv6 addresses are visible.I took a sample picture.If you want, I can throw the squid.conf file
  12. S

    How to Setup HTTP İpv6 Proxy Server

    ipv4--->ipv6 http.I want to setup a proxy server.I tried with squid and 3proxy but it didn't.I need it for bot operations.so they didn't work.can you tell me how to setup it?
  13. bmorgan

    Can I use IPV6 to solve captcha in a normal Windows 10 server?

    Is it possible to use IPV6 proxy to solve captcha on a normal windows 10 server? At this moment, my IPV4 proxy provider give me ip:port, and I need to add my server IP in their dashboard. I use a captcha solving software and it works with http proxy. I recently see a guy who sell IPV6 proxy...
  14. GainRank

    Free Private IPv4 & IPv6 Proxies - Support SOCKS & HTTP - $10 Balance to get 20+ proxies of choice

    No requirements here, everyone who is a Paid Member or Staff is eligible. I'm giving away $10 in Balance on my dashboard. You will be supplied with a link, random email & password made by us to access the dashboard to setup the proxy. *We're not allowed to require/allow sign-up's here* As the...
  15. CamelCase

    My Ipv6 Proxies run on localhost but not on server

    My proxies do not work on the server. It works smoothly when I try it on localhost. Server : Google Cloud (USA - Lowa) Proxies : USA - I test using the same codes. - I extended the timeout period in order not to have a timeout problem. - I pull the data from Instagram Is there a special...
  16. CamelCase

    I can't fetch data from Instagram with Ipv6 Proxy

    I'm trying to pull Instagram's user json data. Example: https://www.instagram.com/leomessi/?__a=1 I prefer ipv6 because ipv6 is much cheaper than ipv4. When I check it from the link below, I see that instagram supports ipv6. https://proxy6.net/en/website-ipv6-support But it didn't work. What...
  17. Papaproxy

    [FREE] IPv6 proxies for 1 week!

    Hello fellow marketers! What I am going to giveaway today is virgin ipv6 proxies for 1 week of duration. In order to get it, you need to comment below that you're interested and choose the country from the following - US, Ireland or France. Example - "Interested, US" I will send you the...
  18. D

    Instagram block caused by Ipv6 proxies?

    Hey, I recently purchased private ipv6 proxies. I used one proxy to register 2 accounts and afterwards run them in my bot. After about 30 minutes my accounts were blocked and I had to verify them with a phone number so I did that and continued the bot. 30 minutes passed and Instagram asked me...
  19. micleclark

    IPv6 Recommendation for Instagram

    Guys recommends me best IPv6 for instagram. Basically i want to use it for my browser to handle multiple account estimate 3-5 account. So, please recommend from your experience. Thanks
  20. BestConnection

    Proxy-Seller.com - 4G LTE / IPv4 / IPv6 High Quality Private proxies. Lots of GEO | Exclusive BHW Offer

    Hello and welcome to ProxySeller! Currently we have quality private IPv4, IPv6 and Mobile 4G LTE proxies IPv4 geolocations: Europe Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland...