ipv4 proxy

  1. E

    Clone account with different IPV on Jarvee

    Hello everybody, Have you ever tried to clone a Social Profile on Jarvee and on the settings you setup that: One profile works under IPV4 and do only F/U/DM, STORY VIEWER The other profile works under IPV6 and do the Repost If i do only F/U/DM and STORY VIEWER i get almost never the PV. As soon...
  2. Andrewbar

    IG accounts getting banned with very low settings

    I bought 1 year old non pva IG accounts and were warming them up on Jarvee with very low settings(5-10 likes per day) and dedicated ipv4 proxies. On some of them I posted from Jarvee and on the others I didn't post anything. I am using European proxies, and the accounts were created on Eastern...
  3. Sham II

    Questions regarding Followliker and proxies

    Hello! I hope that someone could answer my questions.I have Followliker and I’d like to know if it will work with IPv6 proxy or should I go with IPv4? Is there any difference in performance? I use that soft for my instagram accounts. And one more question, I’m planning on running my soft on...