1. MehtaM

    IPL monetization ideas?

    IPL has begun and I'm brainstorming ideas to make money with it. Do you guys have some ideas to share? $6 billion with 450 million viewers in 2 months has too much potential to make money.
  2. DarkHowl

    Think you Good enough?

    Yeah sorry there. But today ipl is starting and hell I'm excited for this thing (Btw this is largest 25 rank competition tournament in a world). Revenue more than 500 million usd per season this tournament generate and that two is for 2 months. after 2020 world wide pandemic something is good...
  3. anup999

    Finally Mumbai Indians WIN

  4. LJ Junior

    Watching IPL final tomorrow?

    #Cricket I'm with SRH. Which team are you rooting for?