ip list

  1. F

    How to get IPs List which generate fake clicks

    Hi, i am getting too many fake clicks (around 90%) from almost same ip pools or devices, I have exclude those pools (i.e. I have installed clickcease as well to check if there is any click from vpn ip or real location of ip. however google system is quite failed as their system is...
  2. Sidikey

    Adwords bots - new IP list needed

    Hello, I have a cloaking system for the traffic that I purchase from Google AdWords. Unfortunately, recently many accounts get banned after Google reviewers visits the destination URL with no traceable user-agent or IP address or any other signature. They look like normal visitors coming from...
  3. C

    How to use proxey IP to generate hits to specific website

    Hi thr, I heard its possible to generate hit to a specific website using proxy IP list. but how it can be done. I am new in such activity so my qus may be not appropaite but i know u understood wht i mean. Please suggest me the way out. Cheers! With Regards