1. H

    cpm network ?

    hello boys can somebody tell me some network with cpm ? i have one but not pay verry good...blueadvertise somebody know other please ? :(
  2. S

    right keywords for site

    I have a store, but i don't know which keywords are the best for my site. General keywords aren't suitable. People, who buy anything, don't use general keywords. If I knew right keywords, I would make more purchases. How could I know right keywords? My site visit people, but they don't buy. I...
  3. M

    What Methods to Make Money with Torrents

    I have something a lot of people want but isn't uploaded to torrent sites. The only thing I can think of to monetize it is to have them fill out a CPA offer to get the password after they've downloaded it, or have them install a pay per install offer. Are there any other methods than that...
  4. P

    Invite Trade Thread

    Invitation Trade Thread Please do not quote this post Seems to me that there is an overwhelming amount of threads created just to ask for invites to exclusive communities. So, this thread is an attempt to organise all these requests, and help people trade access to these sites. The idea...
  5. R

    torrentleech, demonoid invites

    if anyone interested in torrentleech and demonoid invite
  6. CasinoJack

    [FREE] Instant Index tool, 3000 backlinks!

    I know many people have made some scripts, but this one does about 3000 sites, and you will get about 3000 backlinks UPDATE: Credit to Scripteen for the concept and original script, posted here
  7. trakout

    Revolutiontt Invite

    Alright guys. It's been long enough. I need a revtt invite. I can get one.., but being cheap, I'm looking for cheaper. PM me with your asking prices, please, and I'd be more than happy to buy off you. (PayPal) Thanks
  8. tukim

    Demonoid Invite Thread

    This section is flooded with threads fom people running around looking for Demonoid invites (So I made another?). People should get organized, so let's try it. Why not just use one thread to post invites or ask? If you feel like being generous, just post them here so people can use them as...
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