1. Alexandr1997

    Where to find an investor for a project?

    Hello, my friend has a company registered in the US and we are looking for an investor. Can someone recommend sources to find real investor?
  2. 3

    How can I invest my 60$?

    Hey, i'm a young boy,18yo,and i have 60$ that i want to invest in something. Ik, it's not that much. but it took me a while to collect it cuz im from morocco. btw i am a college student, so i want something that does't take a lot of time. thank you <3
  3. The Vice

    Crypto or Gold Bar???

    I have $73000 in saving what should i do with this. Do i invest in Crypto or Gold bars?? i was Planning to invest in Gold because it has Confirmed interest of rate but if we talk. About crypto then it would be $73K to $1Million and On the Other hand $73K to $0 too. Because crypto is Dead ass...
  4. C

    looking to invest in a niche "budget $5000'

    Hey guys please which niche can i invest in with a budget of $5000 ?
  5. N

    Your thoughts, guys !!

    So, i wanted to see your opinion on Pointpay (PXP) token !!
  6. G

    need recommendation to make sustainable investment in FB ads campaigns

    i want to invest 1K $ to make monthly profit (say 80$) (Taking into consideration that i will read, learn, try new things, fail many times before i find the right formula to success) this amount of profit is good for me (Taking into consideration that i live in tier 3 country, and this...
  7. vigyavan

    If you invested $1k ten years ago

    Google: $6,000 Facebook: $9,000 Amazon: $22,000 Netflix: $34,000 Tesla: $159,000 Bitcoin: $237,000,000 Which one would you invest $1,000 in to hold for the next 10 years? :)
  8. zankocunik

    #BYND IS IT A BUY?????

    Bynd missed earnings for about 600% and the stock is trading at about 120USD in the premarket. Is it a buy when market opens? Can it go any lower?
  9. mobile523


    What is one thing that you can invest in that is ___proof?
  10. ber_92

    Ultimate CRYPTO-MANIAC Subscriptions All-In-One Channel - Mega

  11. M

    Bitcoin investment on website

    Anyone knows how to contact the company 3XCOIN???
  12. Infinitee

    I fucked up...

    Hello everyone, i hope y'all doing well, i just wanted to get this of my chest I had made a stupid decision to invest in stuff using other people's money. I am still 15 years old, and i feel like such a fool I had lent 4600€ from people and used all that in a investment i really trusted. So...
  13. JohnyMSF

    Royal Mail stocks - investment opportunity?

    Hello, I don't do trading at all (only crypto) but if you are interested in this area, take a look at Royal Mail's stocks. Based on what is happening last days (strikes etc) looks like stocks are at the bottom. So take a look at, maybe you will find it as good opportunity. Hope you will...
  14. leadingsmm


    lets say I have 500$..I need to invest them (other than blackhat methods and socks/market).. Which I mean I put 500$..and something automatically..turns it more.. Did you get it guys? Like lending..but lending needs bank accounts..better with paypal :/.. Any suggestion?
  15. M

    How to invest $1000 in the best way?

    Hello guys! I am new here! // I have read a lot of thread around here but I can't decide which is the best way to invest $1000. My dad gave me those money as a gift , but I want to invest them somewhere and not just to spend it. I would listen every single suggestion with pleasure! Thanks in...
  16. Z

    Reasons why Cryptocurrency can not be ruined + Explanations about ICOs and further view

    Hi, guys I found a video that you guys might wanna watch. I think all cryptocurrency will start to rise from now and even more after G20. and I found this guy on Youtube that has similar idea as me. Check this guy's ideas about ICOs in the future. I think it's pretty interesting. This guy...
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