1. Und3fined

    Is inurl keyword SEO worth it in your opinion?

    2) Should I rather get a non .com domain if it means I can find the keyword on the url? 3) What if part of the targeted keyword is in the domain extension? (ex: .today .doctor .shop etc..) 4) How strong is inurl seo in your opinion? 5) What domain extensions get most of SEO? Cheers
  2. C

    Anyone Use intitle: inurl: inanchor: To Determine There True Competition In Google

    Is this search string the best to use in Google to find our true competition that has optimized there sites for SEO. intitle:"keyword" inurl:"keyword" inanchor:"keyword"
  3. S

    A new twist on inurl intitle etc.

    I would like input on a new idea. It has occurred to me that there are hundreds if not thousands of sites telling us how to get anything for free on guugle. There must be a ton of people trying this, I see something about it almost every day as I brows for content etc. So why not take...
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