introduce myself

  1. B

    Hi BHW - Im from Ghana

    Hi guys. I'm looking to learn a lot from the forums and information here. Be nice. Thanks!
  2. Seaagency


    Hi everyone in BHW. I am working as a advertiser on Facebook specialized in gambling, casino, game online, cryptocurrency, investment, nutra, counterfeit goods, etc niche for more 5 years. I am a newbie here. If someone needs to be help or to know more about this fields. I believe that I can...
  3. RamchandraPoudel

    New at BHW

    Lol! I am a long time viewer of BHW (Not so) but I didnot login as first but as I logged in it seems its more harder than Reddit to move in as a begineer. Hope seems to achieve a reputable place in the prestigious forum of BHW. I am a beginner to Blogging and Working on a blog now any...
  4. Tchweeks

    New to BHW

    I have been a lurker on BHW for a few weeks and finally decided to make and account. Super excited for what is to come ٩(^◡^)۶
  5. M

    Introducing Myself! :)

    Hey guys, earlier this morning I stumbled upon this forum / community and y'all were giving a pretty welcoming vibe, and I really like what I've seen so far so I figured I'd register and introduce myself. I'm MXXN , but I have a few other pseudonyms among relatively similar forums and...
  6. H

    HI all

    I'm newbie here. My friend told me, that this forum could help me in making money, but before that I must understand some basic marketing stuff... So i'm here to learn, read, read and read again) Life sucks without money, 25 years old and loans / debts - this is what I have)) BHW will help in...
  7. T

    Nice to be here

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie here, I read the posts a lot, and many of them are very useful for me. BHW is a great place to share and learn, nice to be here, wish you all have a lovely day:)
  8. S

    Hi guys.

    Hi i'm newbie, and i'm new in BHW community, i'm really happy to be a part of you guys. I'm Really eager to learn new stuffs. Thanks all.
  9. D

    Belasana Here

    Hello BHW :) Happy to be here and meet some new people that are into the same things as me. I have been working online for the past few years and there have been ups and downs, but ultimately it's what I love to do. Consistency is what I lack and I have been reading a few of the journey...
  10. qualityContentBoi

    I hope this site can be the extra push I need

    Hey, Everyone! It's kind of a funny story as to how I ended up here. Because it's 2019, and holding on to attention is becoming tougher and tougher, I'll keep this nice and sweet for ya ;) I run a start up that's rather disruptive. I won't go into the details of it, but if it gets big, then...
  11. Z

    Hi All

    Hi Everyone, It's me, zmHACK! I'm new to the forum, and stopping by to say hi. Hackify your life!
  12. T

    Bonjour Everyone, I'm Terry

    Hello friends! It great joining a forum like BHW. I just read a forum on how to promote porn site and it was amazing, that prompted me to register. Hope to meet great buddies here. Cheers!:)
  13. H

    Hello everybody

    Hello everybody, My name is Hiu, i'm from VietNam, a new member, I am very happy to know the BHW group. I will seriously learn the knowledge you share. My English is not good, so I will try to learn more about English so I can share more with people. Thank you for your reading.
  14. A

    Hello BHW, I'm Adrian and I own an agency

    Hello BHW forum, i hope you are well today. I wanted to briefly introduce myself. I am polish and i work in a banking sector. Job's good but I'm working towards being financially free as my own boss. I started my own SMMA and have 5 clients atm, plateaued for a while though. I also have a...
  15. R

    Richard Parker, New to BHW

    Greetings! My name is Richard Parker and have more than 5 year’s experiences of web development projects and SEO. I just came to this forum to learn more latest techniques in web development.
  16. B

    Say hello to everyone ~

    Hello , Good day. Today is Monday , also a good day to introduce myself over here. I'm new over here . Come to say hello and give everyone a big hugs . Nice to see you all ~ Oh ....the most important thing , " MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR " , holiday season is coming ...... Kay
  17. R

    Hello every great minds

    Hello, my name is Rajalakshmi I run a business which provides all necessary services to help one run a highly profitable business which includes from proper research, planning, design, development, promotion and marketing and also video production. I am here to share my knowledge and skills for...
  18. Ajdzi

    I'm new here.

    Hello everyone, while I was scrolling down google looking for some stuff I came up to this site and I found a lot of things that I'll need in the future. I really like the concept of the site and everything. Good job to BHW TEAM! Have a good one.
  19. XenoEXE


    Hello BHW members! My name’s Austin or you can call me Xeno, whichever you prefer! For a few days now I’ve been off and on here reading many different threads and seeing what kind of info there is on here in terms of IM and I have to say I’m really intrigued and impressed with it all so far...
  20. GiorgioGD

    New Kid On The Block

    Hello everyone, My name is Giorgio from Amsterdam and I've been reading hundreds of valuable posts over the years on BHW. Now I want to do something back for the community and share my knowledge with you guys!
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