1. pastramirecipes

    member_count += 1;

    Hello, my name is x and I have recently joined this community. All my life, I lived believing I was the only person like me. The country I am from excludes my type of people from virtually everything. Social gatherings, online groups, etc... I spent a good part of my a hermit, both in the...
  2. D

    Hello from Germany

    Hi Guys, my name is Flo and I am a student (Business Informatics). I am basically starting from zero but i will trust the process and hope that it will be worth it. Looking forward to be part and develop the BHW Community. I would also appreciate advice. All the best, Flo
  3. AntiCCC

    Hello BHW! Looking forward to this journey!

    HEY BHW!!!! My friends and I are starting a podcast called Anti Conspiracy Conspiracy Club where we go over conspiracies and either elaborate or debunk them. Came on here to learn more about marketing and how to get more listeners. We all have a background in digital marketing. Things like...
  4. solvedweb

    New To Blackhat

    Good day all, new over here but not new to the web. I like solving human problems with programs. Don't really know how things work here. Just want to send a warmth greeting. Happy to meet with everyone in the community.
  5. I

    Hello mentors...!

    Hello Everyone, this is Arya Putra from Bangladesh. Hope you will help me guys...!
  6. mbg77

    Hello BHW, how'd you doing

    Hello BHW, just wanted to say hi... how'd you guys are doing... i'm new to here and reading some cool stuffs... ps. btw other than bhw, in which IM forum you guys are pretty active in...
  7. VenomS

    Hello Everybody

    Hi, Total newbie here. I found this forum about 3 months ago after I got fed up with the classic blog seo articles. I am starting my own eCommerce journey so it led me here. I have been lurking here for all this time, reading the wealth of information shared by you guys and now I finally...
  8. P

    Hello BHW!

    Hi guys, My friend recommended BHW to me, come here from today for sharing and learning~
  9. Nadeem Ilyas

    Hi Everyone, Nadeem Here - Entrepreneur And Android Developer

    Hi, Guys, I am really excited to join this great platform. I wish it will be a great helper for all of us in our lives.
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