internet research

  1. SubhoC

    I will do internet research for you for FREE!

    I'm testing whether I can monetize my skill for researching things on the internet. Right now I will only accept request from 3 members. Just send a topic to research about and I will research about it on the internet for 1 hour. For eg- AMD Ryzen, try to find download links for a 'specific...
  2. C

    Data Entry/Internet Researching Services Available

    Hello, I work from home and am very experienced with data entry/web research. If anyone is looking for these services, please message me. I have great references and have room for a few new clients. Thank you for your time.
  3. highroller

    [WTB] 10,000 emails in job hunter niche

    I am looking to buy 10,000 emails (or less depending on what is available!) of email addresses of current job seekers. If you know a great source, or are an experienced internet detective who can find sites with these, let me know. I know there are resume databases with subscription costs. I...
  4. ppcmaster

    Assistos - Dedicated Net Assistant - $250/month - Cheap and effective IM services

    Hello all, Many of you have known me as a CL poster. I enjoy being here on BHW and even more for all the possibilities it brings. I have worked with over 50 BHW members in the past, creating results that mattered to their bottom line. I now have the wonderful opportunity to present to you...
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