1. 998

    Jarvee repost pic issue

    I use jarvee repost tool to send to my campaigns, and I find all repost pics have some like watermark on the left bottom. like this: It is not my username, That is repost target username. I have never encountered this before. My repost setting is like before. how to deal with that?
  2. gh0st_0

    Anyone using gainsta to grow their instagram page?

    I want to start growing my Instagram page as you can see from the title and I wondered if anyone has used or is currently using gainsta to grow their page.
  3. Edvard Benk

    [followup] about that 1.5m tags in comments thread... I know how he did it

    this is the thread I'm talking about. It's closed but I got new intel on how he does it, so ya... I just noticed how he's tagging all my followers in comments. That infamous post is still growing and he's 100%...