instant ranking

  1. Cyberars

    [METHOD] Instant Ranking with the New YouTube Premieres

    first for those who never heard of it, YouTube recently added a new way to share and watch videos: YouTube Premieres. Premieres are a mix between a live stream and a traditional YouTube video. You prerecord them, but then play those recordings live (with live chat and donations like standard...
  2. P

    Youtube Vid Instant Ranking.

    Hello there, I recently noticed this happening throughout youtube... but I cant figure out how they do it. Upon upload this guy has been ranking on the first page without using the unlisted technique. Hes sitting at 300 subs and somehow able to rank on the first page right when he uploads...
  3. rap8557

    Instant Ranking Still Works after the big youtube update using old formula

    After the huge youtube update a lot of folks/youtuber lost their faith many also doubt that nothing work on youtube anymore. I read a lot of threads here lately asking/ranting they can't rank their videos anymore. Don't give up yet as my formula which i used last 2017 still works for me. So...
  4. rocks11111

    Is it possible

    Please dont call me stupid here just want to ask here if this is possible If i create a website on shopify or wix and blast it with GSA links lets say 100000 using and get them indexed using 1 hour indexing Will i get raking on first page in a day or two . I know it would be removed by...
  5. W

    Need help in Backhat SEO

    Hi Friends, i was searching some thing on Google and noticed that few web pages created 1 hour before and got 1st page rank in 1 hour. If anyone have experience in that, please help me. I need it on urgent basis. I have attached a screen shot as well. it might be possible that we may work...