instant article wizard

  1. Joak

    [Video Tutorial] Pump out FRESH content in minutes with IAW! [~25mins]

    This was originally meant for promotion but Instant Article Wizard is shared here anyway so I thought this might really benefit BHW members especially newbies. I created this myself so can answer any questions. You'll find some silly pronunciation at times, I was too lazy to fix them but I think...
  2. W

    Alternative to IAW Pro (Instant Article Wizard Pro)

    Hi, Is there any equal alternatives to IAW Pro (Jonathan Leger's product)? Or is that the only software in its class? Thanks.
  3. OgSneakyPimp

    blog content wizard

    Hey guys, i was just reading some random blog and it seems like theres some new content generator out called Blog Content Wizard. Has anybody been able to find a download link for it yet. Supposedly it lets you insert your own keywords into the program and it builds semi-readable content...
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