1. I

    EAP SIM on an ubuntu VM

    Hi all ! I'm trying to make the eap sim protocole work on a virtual machin ubuntu to connect my pc to freewifi_secure in France. I used a sim reader by Dekart manufacturer and I first had couple problem to make it recognized by the pcscd package (I had to return to ubuntu 10.04 32 bits). Then, I...
  2. P

    Install two windows in one PC ?

    How i can install Two Windows in one PC, i have watched some video at youtube some users installed two windows at their system in same hard disk?
  3. J

    Need Assistance With With Windows Based Software Installation Process

    Hi, We need assistance to improve the software installation process for code-signed software that currently results in a Microsoft Smartscreen warning. Cheers :-) Donald
  4. S

    Need help set up interspire, powermta, maborak addons and all related configuration, ASAP

    I have been looking around the forum for the past few days and i have tried to contact a few guys but with no luck. So I think I should post a new thread and more people can see this job. So I'm looking for somebody having sufficient experience in setting up an email server (using Interspire...
  5. M

    Installmonitizer is best ppc

    Hi guyz, This is really working try now.:)
  6. M1ndfluX

    Fast wordpress installer?

    Hey guys... I am just a few minutes away to loose it here... Trying to install WPMU on my headhost server IN a directory but is just not going to work... My server doesnt have fantastico or something so installin wp is a time consuming thing... I know there is a fast WP installer around but...
  7. J

    BL Pro Questions...

    Hi there... I have purchased the BLP, and sincerely it looks like it will do a great job...once it is working! I've been having a number of issues getting it properly installed. It finally got to the point; this past Friday, where it appeared it was ready to roll out. Well, started running...
  8. W

    So, what kind of price are y'all charging for these sort of tasks around BHW?

    I've been browsing the threads and came across some posts asking for help with certain tasks. But y'all are PMing your rates, more times than not. No big biggie. So, I'll just ask here. And, maybe you all will share or maybe the ones you are secretly sharing where the treasure is (PMing) will...
  9. J

    wplockz help

    Hi, Never posted on BHW before but have done plenty of reading. If this is the wrong category I apologize. I recently installed wplockz into wordpress. The install seems to go fine, but when I click on activate, I get a 500 internal server error. The plugin does not appear on my plugins...
  10. T

    Need help with WP Installation

    Hi everyone, I purchased a WP site that I need installed on my own server. The problem I'm having is getting the data base to work with the install. Looking for someone that can resovle that issue and get my site up and running. thanks
  11. S

    Video site script installed and server setup

    I have a video upload script like youtube that I need installed. I also need the plugins installed and the server setup to run the script. I will be installed on a temporary domain name until I can get the design work and customizations done, then will need to be moved to a NEW server and all...
  12. C

    I Need Someone To Install PHP Script!

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