1. flocksocial

    ⚡INSTAGRAM AUTOMATION ►► We target REAL followers! ◄◄ SPECIAL DEALS FOR BHW Agencies ⚡

    FIND OUT MORE Hey guys! Flock is a brand new Instagram automation service that lets you get hundreds of real and targeted followers every month. Our automation software was designed to be indistinguishable from a real user. We perform follow/unfollow automation with extreme efficiency, so...
  2. jatinddx

    Jarvee stuck at verification loop

    Hi everyone, Its been a week now i shifted to jarvee from GMT2 after using it for a year almost. I am stuck at verification loop for one of my account from last 2 days i have done everything that people recommended like changing the pass of the account, removing it from everywhere else, reset...
  3. jatinddx

    Jarvee Issue with daily like and comment limit

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone faced this error recently? I was using GMT2 from a year now I shifted to jarvee a week ago and everything was working fine with 2 accounts till yesterday. Today i set up 6 accounts in total and started only Follow module with the feature of liking and commenting...
  4. J

    Jarvee not letting me do after action dm on people

    Hey guys, Ive been reading around this forum for a good bit now, and decided today I needed to make account to help with a problem. I am trying to follow people and after I follow them send them a dm. I am using Jarvee for this but for some reason it does not seem to be working. All of my...