instagram shop

  1. cassj

    Anyone using Instagram checkout?

    I've seen that instagram is offering businesses the option 'to be approved' to use their own checkout / payment solution and I am kind of leaing in that direction. Anyone currently using it and have good or bad experience to share? Also, anyone know the % they charge... (or can anyone recommend...
  2. Krio

    Doubts about Instagram Shop

    Hello, I have 4 instagram accounts, two are business accounts with some fake followers, remaining two are personal accounts. But they all are linked to one another because it's on the same device. Now I want to start another account for another business, but without any fake followers, and grow...
  3. HenryObi

    Who Noticed Instagram Now Allowing 'Links' In Caption?

    I don't know if anyone else noticed this but, I recently started seeing stores/shops linking to products from their Instagram/Facebook shop, on their Instagram(and facebook) post caption. Previously, you could only tag the product in the picture/video. Now, they're linkable within caption...
  4. T

    How to Disable/remove/delete Instagram shop?

    Anybody got any idea how to disable Instagram shop? I've searched as far as I could; not A Thing found Read Fb articles which went extremely unrelated, Instagram and blogs too
  5. HenryObi

    Have You Ever Converted An IG Page To A Shop?

    My page is based in an unsupported country, so am not able to activate the shop feature. I'm starting a new project which the shop feature would be an added advantage. Do you think there's a way to get around this?
  6. Ajeet Ghuman

    (Question) How to enable Instagram for Shopping

    i am looking at a lot of Instagram accounts and how they got shop now button on their posts and i was wondering can i able to get one and then i did some research and saw that i have to make facebook brochure and after that the whole process starts. Does anyone has any experience in this and...
  7. rocknrollchef

    Set Up A Shop Option on Instagram Accounts - Random or?

    Hello: I own/manage several IG accounts, some older than others. Recently, two of the accounts received a "set up shop" button via my smartphone, but not the others. One of these invited accounts is barely 30 days old. What gives? Is this a random thing, or does IG look at what kind of...
  8. Danny Crypto

    Instagram Shop: Product Tagging Error [Full Guide][Problem]

    I'm trying to tag products on Instagram by tag products option. By Clicking on tag products this is coming: - After clicking None> This option is coming and I'm clicking on both of them but they are showing an unknown error occured. So what is wrong with my account? If I've to do it...
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