instagram secrets

  1. Poop poopy

    [WTF HOW?!] This dude just commented 4 Million times on his own photo on Instagram!

    Okay y’all so here’s the scoop, this dude tagged over 4 Million People on his Instagram video INCLUDING ME & I guarantee he’ll be at 10 Million very soon if he keeps commenting at the pace he is. My question here is HOW in the hell is he passing the Instagram comment filter/ban since HE is the...
  2. F

    The book on Gianluca Vacchi's Instagram Success is BS.

    I read Instasecrets by Mirko Scarcella, Gianluca Vacchi's "digital" manager. He's selling it with FOMO, LTD and the "free and just pay for shipping" techniques through his website landing page made with Click funnels.. More than 12.000 copies sold. Now I'm not a hater nor an expert on...