instagram proxy

  1. Ping_Proxies

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  2. InstaSwift

    Would you be buying 4G proxies from Tokyo, Japan?

    We built a private 4G proxy network in Tokyo and we're currently using it successfully on Instagram. I'm thinking about selling access to it but I'm wondering if there is enough demand. Prices would be on the higher end since mobile contracts and rent are expensive. Advantages are highest...
  3. Emachent

    ⚠️⭐ $1 Sprint ISP W/ Unlimited Data | | Ultra Fast 20-30MS Speeds | 100GBPS Ports | 100% Dedicated IPs ⚠️❗ Static Residential Proxies

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  4. D

    How to change the Primary location of an account on Instagram(Account's based in Country)

    Hello friends, as you can see in this picture this account is based in the United States now, and till yesterday it was based in Albania. My question is how did they make this happen? Did they use Premium VPN or proxies, and if they used them, will Instagram flag your account for using these...
  5. O

    instagram proxies

    Hello BHW, how many instagram accounts per 4g mobile proxy can you run at the same time. Say i had 3 accounts i’ll running at similar times for about 8 hours on one IP. Then IP rotates for another 3 accounts then it runs for 8 hours. Then after 8 hours it rotates again with 3 new accounts. so is...
  6. SpivBlack U.S.A 4G/5G Mobile proxies with unlimited bandwidth and Random/Sticky Residential proxies starting at $14.99.

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  7. Polish4G

    ⭐⭐ 4G/LTE Mobile Polish Proxies - Stable connection from IP in Poland! Premium proxies! ⭐⭐

    Stable connection 4G Proxy are waiting for you! Automatic IP change will allow you to act quickly! 1. Which websites can be accessed? You gain access to any website you are interested in. 2. Does the IP rotate? If you order more than one proxy, then yes. When disconnected and reconnected, a...
  8. thetrustedzone

    [Attention] To proxy sellers and instagram marketers

    Something I got multiple PMs about and also noticing in BHW posts ... Instagram accounts banning and Instagram proxies ...etc here is my 2 cents : Instagram has IPs database check against ... usually, they know if you are using proxy or not but not always. when they detect you using a proxy...
  9. S

    Please Help Me (About Squid İpv6 Proxy Server)

    i want to set up proxy server.ipv4 to ipv6 with squid. Required to set up account for instagram. Although I have been struggling for months, I can not.This was the last point I could come to: As you can see, both my ipv4 address and my ipv6 address are visible.The squid.conf file looks like...
  10. micleclark

    Anyone Use Rotating Proxy for Instagram?

    Hay Guys, Have anyone using rotating proxy for instagram? Please share your experience here. Thanks
  11. helloeddy

    What's the best way to setup a 4G/LTE Rotating Proxy Server at Home?

    I manage about 15 different Instagram accounts and I'm tired of using other people's mobile proxies that are likely to be shared with so many other people. I'm getting each of my accounts getting the Instagram notification saying they know they're using a growth service. I'd like to set up my...
  12. MR.Spuf

    ✅ RAW Mobile Rotating 4G Proxy: ⭐ Client Management ⭐ Social Media Growth ⭐ CPA ⭐ M/S ⭐

    FAQ What type of proxies are these? All proxies are RAW mobile proxies with tens of thousands of IPv4 addresses. Does the IP rotate? YES YES YES – by default every 60 mins BUT you can request the rotation timing starting (lower limit is 20mins) Why is the quality so high? For extracting the...
  13. M

    Looking for 4G Mobile Instagram Proxies

    I am using, but I want to test another proxy provider because I am getting some action blocks (only through Jarvee, my phone can follow fine on the same account which gets a follow block through Jarvee). Budget is not a problem. I just need something high quality that will work...
  14. ZakariaeJaidi

    Best Proxies For Instagram ?

    Hi there, What is the best ipv4 proxies to use with Instagram automation ? I've tried with there both services ipv4 and ipv6 and still get action blocked. Please help with any suggestion.
  15. K

    How many accounts can i use with one proxy

    Hey guys ive been looking for an answer but couldnt find one. Does it depend on the proxy i bought? Like for example if it is dedicated or shared?
  16. W

    Should i use a VPS or run automation(Jarvee) locally?

    With Instagrams recent blocks on a lot of datacenter proxies i have decided i wanna keep 1 account on a "high-quality" residentail or 4G proxy. I searched online for the types and all i could find were proxies that cost over 100 USD monthly. Should i just buy a cheap laptop(or smartphone if...
  17. unfinishedsenten

    So how are your Instagram 4G proxies playing out for ya all?

    Saw a handful of posts here and there about everyone jumping to 4G proxies after Instagram going full Nazi in recent months. How are they playing out for you? Do you see a decrease in blocks and other issues Insta is throwing your way? Or you did not notice any difference at all?
  18. W

    In theory, cant i just put in the Ip adress of my phone, and put in under "proxy" in jarvee?

    If i put in the Ip adress of my smartphone, and simply delete the instagram app and only browse instagram through jarvee? I am really new to instagram automation, so i bet you know a lot more than me about this :) Has anyone tried this? This may seem like a stupid question to the experienced...
  19. Amelia001

    VPN/proxy and then ip strategy

    So if I create a new Insta account using a VPN/proxy to use on any bot, does this mean I can NEVER connect this new account using my home IP?? Like if I wanna just log in and look and stuff but not engage in any comments or whatnot, would that be an issue?
  20. Infinite Dream

    How well do IG accounts work after bad proxies ?

    As the title says if for example I had an IG account on a bad proxy and was getting F and L blocks then what would happen if I change it to a better proxy? Is the account already finished and unusable or is the good proxy going to straighten it and make the blocks go away?