instagram promotions

  1. L

    Are instagrams links in bio still a thing?

    So, I am selling tees through Teespring but havent had any luck with fb ads so far So I tried the method following this video I contacted a 45kfollowers page related to the niche of my shirt(cats) and got it to make a post on their page and add a link in their bio for 24hr The post on insta has...
  2. internetnerd


    I recently created a Fiverr account and i don't now where or how to promote it and get new buyers. Any advice would help Thanks in advance
  3. Daddy1969

    Looking for Instagram influencers

    I need Instagram influencers with women audiance to promote home decore niche, please let me know if you can provide such service. Looking for long term relationships not just a one time, must have good engagement and real women followers from us
  4. M

    Instagram Account Promotions

    Hi there, Following the success of my previous work with FaceDominator and Facebook Page Promotions I am now moving into Instagram. You can see my Facebook journey thread here: Software: As I have been very happy with the work...
  5. J

    Instagram Ads: How Does Facebook Determine User's "Interests"?

    I'm in the process of setting up Instagram Ads. I'm at the point where you type in "interests" for your audience. I am very skeptical of this. I have no clue how well I can narrow down my audience using the "Interests" section. Does Instagram make sure that at *at least* HALF of the interests...