instagram is still gay

  1. BOOPz

    [Q] How much traffic per acc on IG

    Hello @all, I'm about to switch all proxies for my IG project, from dedicated datacenter IPs to Res. proxies. Most of these services are paid per GB, how much do I have to plan for every 10 accounts? I got about 1k accounts, so it is very important that I calculate everything before, the...
  2. BOOPz

    Instagram MASS DM since today

    Hello @all i do CPA on IG with more then 150 accounts with gmt2. Today i was very confused about my clicks, i got more then 15x more clicks+conversions then normal , i checked my bot and i saw that almost all accounts wrote more then 3000-5000!!! dms each to ALL followers on this accounts...
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