instagram follow limit

  1. xlighter

    Current Instagram follow limit

    Hey guys! Can anyone tell me what's the current limit for follow and unfollow on Instagram on manual growth? My account is (creators account) nearly 2 years old with 1.7k posts and 3k followers only :( Really having hard time with Instagram these days :(
  2. ZoroBegins

    Instagram blocked unfollow option. now what?

    Hi guys! I have some Instagram accounts and yesterday I got on account access and started to unfollow the people in my list. I have unfollowed 400+ members from my account. after that account got freeze. Now I cant unfollow anyone in my account. 1. The question is how much time it will take...
  3. M

    How to bypass daily follow limit?

    Hi guys, I joined Instagram recently. For every 150 people I follow, I get 15-30 followers back (It varies, yesterday was a good day - I got 200 followers back after I followed 700 people in a day). I could theoretically grow quite alright if there was no limit to how many people I could...
  4. varun barve

    [Q] Instagram Daily Limits - 2017

    Hey, guys, I wanted to know some daily limits on Instagram. Can you guys tell me? How many follows can we join in a day? How many likes can I send on messenger daily? How many DM's can I send every day? How many comments can I send every day? How many comments likes can I do every...